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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

JGOD discovers overpowered weapon perk in Warzone that breaks snipers

YouTuber JGOD has discovered a weapon perk in Warzone that allows snipers to have flawless aim for up to a minute at a time.



YouTuber JGOD has discovered a weapon perk for Warzone snipers that allows the player to have flawless aim for up to a minute.

Call of Duty Warzone is having quite the shaky first season post-Black Ops Cold War integration, with overpowered weapons at launch like the DMR and bugs like the stim glitch.

Now, newly added to the pack is a weapon perk that allows players to hold their breath while sniping for up to a full minute as compared to the usual 4.5 seconds. The perk is called “Presence of Mind,” and is only available on snipers and marksmen rifles from Modern Warfare.

Many players have dismissed the weapon perk category in Modern Warfare as a useless slot for Warzone, where they would instead opt for another weapon attachment. With the discovery of this “stealth buff,” players should now be using Presence of Mind when sniping to hit much easier headshots.

This is undoubtedly a bug that has gone undiscovered in the game, so for the next few weeks, we should expect more players to be running this weapon perk on the KAR98-K and the HDR.

Controller players will benefit greatly from this, as aim assist + no idle sway while holding breath will result in much easier to hit shots at longer distances.

Be warned, if you’re in a gunfight against a sniper, they may not be fighting with weapon sway due to the power of the Presence of Mind perk.

Many more easy headshots will be hit before a proper patch is rolled out to reduce the perk to its intended value, which JGOD noted used to be nine seconds.

We’ll update if Treyarch or Raven acknowledges this bugged weapon perk.

Image Credit: Activision, Infinity Ward