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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

JackFrags discovers Warzone 2 damage bug causing ridiculously fast TTKs

After some testing, JackFrags has discovered inconsistencies with damage in Warzone 2, which could be causing faster TTKs.



warzone 2 operators in vehicle

Popular Warzone and Call of Duty content creator Jack ‘JackFrags’ Mason has discovered that Warzone 2’s damage is bugged after finding inconsistencies with the TTK during gameplay and testing.

Warzone 2 has received a lot of stick from the community recently due to bugs and a lack of updates for the game since its launch.

While Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded is on the horizon, players are continuing to find issues with the game, with some like Dr Disrespect looking elsewhere to find enjoyment, disappointed in the game’s performance.

Popular YouTuber JackFrags shared a video on December 10, 2022, highlighting and testing some inconsistencies in Warzone 2’s damage and TTK. The Youtuber ultimately feels like Warzone 2 “has a few problems, most notable with bullet damage and Armor Plates.”

In the video, JackFrags shares three different Warzone 2 clips that show “inconsistency” in TTK or “time-to-death.”

In all of the clips, the YouTuber seems to die incredibly quickly, which leads to JackFrags wanting to do some investigation into the game’s TTK and bullet damage, to see whether he could recreate these inconsistencies.

The test is a success, and JackFrags is able to recreate an inconsistency in melee damage, after one of the clips showed him dying to two hits despite having two Armor Plates and full health.

JackFrags is aware that some muzzle attachments do provide extra melee damage, but the muzzle he and the player who killed him in the clip used is not one that affects melee damage.

Clearly, JackFrags feels something is going on here with Warzone 2’s damage/TTK, and based on this testing, the YouTuber is “more convinced now that there might be a real problem with damage in the game code.”

Of course, it’s all unclear and unconfirmed, but the testing could be interesting to players. With the Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded update releasing soon, perhaps the devs are already aware of this issue and are bringing fixes in the update.

We’ll have to wait and see but for now, check out JGOD’s best close range weapon for Season 1 and where to find every hidden cache on Al Mazrah.

Image Credit: Activision