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Insane FIFA 22 glitch turns Career Mode goalkeeper into literal Superman

An incredible FIFA 22 goalkeeper glitch has shown off one GK acting slightly superhero-like in a recent game of FIFA 22 Career Mode.



alisson making a save in fifa 22

Football goalkeepers are known for putting in ‘superman-like’ performances in FIFA 22 where they save everything. Yet, one FIFA 22 Career Mode GK took this a bit too literally during a match.

As with most years, FIFA 22 hasn’t been able to avoid glitches in its run so far. With Kimpembe going to space and the controversial no-loss glitch causing players to be banned.

A new one seems to have been discovered in the game, but it’s a lot more light-hearted and doesn’t seem to be affecting Ultimate Team players for once.

fifa 22 gk saving a shot

During a standard game of FIFA 22’s Career Mode, ZippidyZayz experienced an unusual occurrence in which one of the goalkeepers took off into the sky with the ball.

After one of the players in the match took a shot, it deflected off a defender’s foot. The GK was already halfway through a diving animation in an attempt to block the initial shot.

The block seemed to throw off the GK’s AI. During their diving animation, they suddenly became magnetized to the ball, grabbed it, and flew many feet into the air.

After reaching a certain point, the GK decided to stop their ascent, but the momentum on the ball propelled it up miles into the air. The whole time the GK was positioned perfectly underneath the ball, still in the air, waiting to gather it up in their arms.

One commenter explained, “Okay, this is the new most absurd thing I’ve seen in FIFA this year.”

Someone else humorously claimed that the GK had “99 jumping right here.”

We haven’t seen any other examples of this bizarre glitch happening, so for now it seems like it’s a one-off freak occurrence.

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Image Credits: EA