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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Insane Cold War glitch turns players into a human Gunship Scorestreak

One CoD: Cold War player not only had their Gunship taken away form them, but then had to endure a bizarre filter glitch.



cod cold war gunship

A couple of player’s games quickly went south after Black Ops Cold War not only took their hard-earned Gunships away from them but also cast an off-putting black and white filter onto them too.

Imagine absolutely smashing the lobby you’re in, accumulating big points, not dying, and earning your Scorestreaks, one of which is the top dog itself – the Gunship. The ultra-rare 10,000 point beast simply pulverizes your opponents and quickly boosts your kill count.

A couple of players had their misery compounded when their hard-earned Gunship was not only taken away from them instantly, but also left them with a massive distraction engulfing the screen.

cod cold war raid gunship

Reddit users drututt and bryanhun64 were battering the opposition into submission in games of Raid and Nuketown respectively, and both caused so much damage that they both piloted Chopper Gunners.

Once the Scorestreak had finished, they activated the elusive Gunship. Both players’ aerial weapons of mass destruction barely lasted a second when the animation halted.

Instead of launching missiles and floods of bullets to chew up the map, drututt and bryanhun64 were instead made to contend with a new game filter instead.

In both videos the exact same thing happens as the Gunship Scorestreak is activated, the screen to control it is flipped up and then immediately put away. They’re then both left with a trippy monochrome filter that stays with them.

In the comments section for drututt’s video, Smurf_Destroyer made a good point that unless there is another mysterious force at work here, “I bet the game thinks you’re in the Gunship, so your screen is thermal.”

It’s always hard to tell what can cause such a drastic change such as this one.

Whether it’s the combination of loadout and Scorestreaks or both of them intertwined with the maps, it’s hard to test for every single possibility and eventuality.

Unlike how Firebase Z has caused nightmares, Outbreak has inflicted horror, or even Raid’s weird Mario Kart effect, this glitch has definitely happened in at least two different games. If there are more examples that crop up, then it’s safe to assume that the Gunship Scorestreak is broken for the time being.

Image credits: Treyarch