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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Infuriating Warzone ADS glitch is making aiming impossible

A bizarre new ADS glitch in Warzone is causing major problems as it’s preventing players from being able to see down the sight of their gun.



cod operator aiming down gun

Amongst all the changes that Call of Duty: Warzone has made in Season 3, a strange ADS glitch for scopes is leaving players unable to use their weapons properly, making the game a struggle to play.

Warzone Season 3 has made several positive changes to try and alleviate the frustrations of the game’s fans. However, whilst some alterations have been made with positive intentions, the update also caused a new batch of concerns in Warzone.

Despite claiming to fix Gas Masks, a fresh glitch with the device is costing players the win, whereas the new Sabotage contract has made an old Solos gripe resurface.

Now, the simple act of aiming down your gun’s sight is proving to be difficult because of a strange visual glitch.

cod warzone player aiming down sniper rifle

ADS glitch makes Warzone difficult to play

As shown by Reddit user datnicka, the simple action of ADSing is broken for some as the view is being obscured by the players themself.

In a desperate plea to the game’s subreddit, datnicka said: “How do I fix this ASAP!?”

During their brief video clip, the player was trying to ADS, but instead of being granted a clear visual of the space ahead of them, all they could see was what appeared to be their own hand or arm.

Naturally, the replies in response to the glitch all made light of the matter with one user saying: “Get a smaller nose,” and another quipping: “Bro, move your thumb, I cannot see what you’re talking about.”

It seemed that no one was able to provide a clear explanation as to why it was happening, with the only suggestion to fix it being to change your Operator’s skin.

In any event, we’ll monitor the bug and see if it continues to happen in future games of Warzone.

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Image Credit: Activision