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Infinity Ward’s FourZeroTwo Tweets (past 24hrs)





Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling made the rounds on Twitter again in the past 24 hours. Lots of stuff re-confirmed. Here’s the breakdown of what he answered:

-Strike Packages: Support doesn’t reset on death, Assault and Specialist do.
-Scavenger Perk will only resupply NoobTubes if the fallen pack was carrying them also.
-The M203 Grenade Launcher is LESS powerful, they are rarely seen and used due to better choice in weapons.
-Weapon Damage as a whole has been INCREASED.
-Fully expects game to have “M” rating in the U.S.
-TITLE & EMBLEMS: They’re unlocked through specific challenges and actions, like in MW2. NOT user created.
-Playlist are broken up into “Normal” and “Specialty”.
-You can pick up and move equipment.
-Two Attachment MAX. More attachments to choose from.
-Lots of work went into optimizing local search engines, especially for foreign players.
-MW3 production began right after Modern Warfare 2, will be 2 Years total.
-Considerably reduced damage on all explosives including NoobTubes. Focus on Gun on Gun gameplay.
Robert has tweeted again, here is what he answered:
-Reconfirmed that there is a color blind assist option in multiplayer
-Reconfirmed Online Splitscreen
-Full progressive ranking system in Private Match
-For Red Dot site, You can’t customize your reticle BUT there is already preset options you unlock as you level up.
-There are a good number of Hardcore Playlists in MW3
-Portable Radar is equipment you can place and will ping on minimal when someone walks within its 360 degree proximity
-There is a Prestige Leaderboards.
-For Domination there is no extra points for caping B flag. All have the same point value
-Reconfirmed Matchmaking and Dedicated Servers on PC
-P2P matchmaking on consoles
-You can only have ONE strike package enabled at a time
-Reconfirmed NO Last Stand as a perk
-Guns have more kick and recoil
-For Support Strike Package, if you get 4 kills, die, respawn and get another kill, it still counts toward your point streak
-If your partner dies in Survival Mode, the game ends
-If you use the double xp option in the prestige shop, it is time based. It provides you with double XP for pre-determined amount of time
-Reconfirmed Mission Mode returning in Spec Ops

CORRECTION: -Weapon Damage as a whole has been INCREASED.

-SOURCE: @FourZeroTwo