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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

How to use JOKR launcher as free Warzone killstreak

One Warzone player has discovered an ingenious way to make the JOKR launcher as effective as a killstreak, and here’s how you can do it too.



cod warzone jokr launcher

The JOKR launcher has become an almost exploitable killstreak thanks to a nifty trick found by a Warzone Season 2 player.

Warzone is no stranger to cool tricks that unintentionally give players a boost during games. There is the ugly side to Warzone that includes unintentionally gives free wins and more Roze skin glitches. But there’s always a clever trick to counteract such glitches.

Today’s neat tip is an excellent way of sniffing out campers and eliminating that necessary aerial advantage that players can take a stranglehold of. The JOKR aka Javelin missile is no stranger to the Call of Duty franchise, but this trick is for Warzone.

cod warzone jokr

It’s certainly frustrating one you’ve got an accurate player perched up above in their own personal nest and seemingly can’t be knocked from it.

This is why the importance of this JOKR trick is even more important to winning Warzone matches. So when InGeorgeWeTrust posted this video to Reddit, it opened the eyes of many.

It began innocently enough as the player rushed towards an obviously occupied building. Once inside, they aimed up to the top of a stairwell and summoned a Cluster Strike to pepper the top of the tower.

The players had the wherewithal to seek shelter further inside, but they probably didn’t anticipate what came next. Our player aimed their JOKR at the very top of the stairwell and fired away.

You see the brilliance unfold as the killfeed is lit up with several eliminations and you realize that the player had anticipated the enemies’ retreat, and caught them out.

Naturally, this JOKR trick won’t apply to every situation or scenario in a game of Warzone so it can’t be exploited every time.

It is a good little piece of knowledge to use though and can make clearing out campers a whole lot easier for you.

Image credits: Activision