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How to unlock the Frontier Outfit in GTA Online: Outfit Scrap locations

Here’s where to find each shipwreck that contain Outfit Scraps to build the GTA Online Frontier Outfit that will have you harnessing the past.



Frontier Outfit in GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto: Online players will need to act as treasure hunters to get their hands on the Frontier Outfit, so here’s a full guide on how to find all of the Outfit Scraps to assemble the GTA Online Frontier Outfit.

Shipwrecks have washed up on the shores of GTA Online’s Los Santos, and for visiting seven of them, you can get your hands on the Frontier Outfit.

Red Dead Online fans were quick to notice that the Frontier Outfit is actually the Pittman Outfit, so Rockstar Games have included a nice crossover between the two games.

Read on for every Shipwreck location and how to find the Outfit Scraps to build the Frontier Outfit in GTA Online.

Shipwreck in GTA Online

GTA Online Shipwreck locations

As part of the Los Santos Tuners DLC, Shipwrecks can are now found all over Los Santos’ coastline and riverbanks. These will appear as broken-down boats, and you can only find one per day, and you’ll know your close when you hear bells ringing.

Thanks to LogOfOne, here’s a map of all the possible shipwreck locations.

GTA Online shipwreck locations map

How to assemble GTA Online Frontier Outfit

By these wrecks are Treasure Chests that contain Outift Scraps, and once you have seven on them, you can assemble the Frontier Outfit. However, you can only collect one item of scrap per day, so it will take you at least a week to build the full outfit.

To summarize:

  1. Load into Los Santos in GTA Online
  2. Search the coastlines and riverbeds for a shipwreck
    • Listen for bells chiming when you get close
  3. Open the nearby Treasure Chests to collect the Outfit Scraps
  4. Repeat this process every day for six more days until you’ve assembled the Frontier Outfit

There are also reports that PC players have gotten the Frontier Outfit automatically, without having to visit each of the shipwrecks. It’s worth checking before embarking on your mission, as it might already be there waiting for you.

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Image Credit: LogOfOne / @WildBrick142 / GTA Series Videos / Rockstar Games