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How to score free kicks in FIFA 23

Mastering FIFA 23 set pieces is guaranteed to give you the edge over your competition, so here’s how to score free kicks consistently.



Mount FIFA 23 free kick

Set pieces in FIFA 23 are crucial moments that can easily change the flow of a football match. With this guide, you’ll learn how to score free kicks in FIFA 23 and put away your high-quality chances.

EA Sports announced a ton of new changes for the beloved Career Mode in FIFA 23. However, FIFA 23 will also introduce several new gameplay mechanics to football fans thanks to the new HyperMotion 2 technology.

Set pieces are going to feel and look different this year, and given how important penalties, corners, and free kicks are, you’re going to want to master each technique. While penalties will focus on the new composure mechanic, free kicks are slightly more straightforward to grasp.

For players looking to improve their skills on the pitch following the release of FIFA 23, here’s our guide on how to score free kicks.

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How to aim and score free kicks in FIFA 23

  1. Adjust the aim and trajectory line of your free kick using the left stick
  2. Adjust the impact angle to apply spin using the right stick
  3. Power up your shot to the desired strength by holding the shoot button
  4. To activate a Timed Finish, press shoot again as your player strikes the ball for an extra accuracy boost
  5. Watch the ball beat the goalkeeper and celebrate accordingly

When it comes to free kicks in FIFA 23, the interface has not changed much. Your player will look down the path of the ball as you get ready to strike. One thing that is new in FIFA 23 is the icon of a ball that indicates where your player will strike in order to apply spin.

Using the right stick, you can decide from which angle your player makes contact with the ball. Of course, the left stick will be used to adjust the intended path of the ball. Having control over both of these directional inputs should open the door to more trickery.

Mason Mount free kick FIFA 23

How to lie down behind the free kick wall in FIFA 23

  1. Take control of a player who isn’t already standing in the wall and use the left stick to move them towards the back side of it. The player will assume a flat sitting position if done right.
  2. If you decide that player is needed elsewhere, you can use the right stick to select the player on the ground. Then use the left stick to move the player from behind the wall.

New to FIFA 23 is the ability to have a defending player lie down behind the free kick wall. We’ve seen this become a regular occurrence in football matches across the globe over the past few years, and it’s finally made its way to FIFA 23.

If you think your opponent will attempt a low-driven shot or you simply wish to limit their options, then lying down behind the wall will surely up the pressure.

With more options than ever in both attack and defense, scoring free kicks in FIFA 23 will be as rewarding as ever.

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Image Credit: EA Sports