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Fortnite leaks reveal new Clip system to show off your gameplay

A new leak claims that Fortnite could have it’s own built-in Clips feature soon, letting players share their best moments.



Fortnite player shooting their weapon

A new Fortnite leak has revealed that the popular battle royale title will soon have a brand-new Clip system that will let you capture your best moments in the game.

There’s nothing better than jumping onto Fortnite, dropping on an enemy, and completely outplaying them. Whether it’s your superior building skills, a crazy snipe, or a 300IQ play, there’s just nothing quite like it.

If nobody sees your incredible moment though, did it really happen? If you’re not streaming or recording all your gameplay, it can be frustrating to get your hands on a clip of the action.

Thankfully, that could be about to change, as a Fortnite leaker claims the game will have a built-in clipping function soon.

sideways scythe in Fortnite

In a tweet after March 1’s 19.40 Fortnite update, well-known dataminer ShiinaBR stated that they believed that Epic have “fully added” the Clips feature to the game.

They then included what appears to be a description of the tool, writing: “The Postparty app lets you capture 30-second clips of gameplay and share them with your friends.”

According to this, the tool will be called ‘Postparty,’ and will allow for 30 seconds of gameplay recording at a time. This would be enough for a kill or two, or even a Victory Royale, but not enough to capture an entire game.

Of course, if you play on a console like the PS5 or Xbox Series X, they come with a built-in clipping functionality. However, it can be frustrating to retrieve these clips from your console, especially if you want to post them on social media.

By capturing them in-game, hopefully, Epic will provide a way to access and save these videos easily, and maybe show them off to your friends in the pre-game lobby too.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any confirmation from Epic Games about this tool, or when it will release, so we’ll just have to wait and see on that front. Still, the fact that it’s in the game’s code now suggests we may see it sooner rather than later, along with a possible Assassin’s Creed crossover.

Image Credits: Epic Games