How to get your Twitch 2021 recap

Nicholas Sakadelis

Here’s how you can see your complete Twitch year in review for 2021, including a variety of interesting stats associated with your account.

It’s that time of the year once again where Twitch users get to see a recap of their activity on the site for 2021.

These short recaps feature your top watched channels, streamers, game categories, total channel points gained, most popular emotes, and more.

How to get your Twitch 2021 recap

twitch 2021 recap

These recaps are sent out via the email used by your Twitch account and will be sent out to users soon after December 15.

If you haven’t received your email and are slightly worried about its whereabouts, make sure you follow these steps to ensure you get it.

  1. Sign into Twitch
  2. Go to the settings and open the Notifications tab
  3. Under the “By Email” option, scroll to the bottom and enable “Marketing” emails
  4. This will ensure you will recieve it when it is ready to be sent out

The email will even come with the option to export an image to share to social media, highlighting your yearly recap.

You can see an example image below from streamers Leckey__ and Eboncloak.

twitch 2021 recap for Leckey__  and Eboncloak

All recaps seem to be unique in variety, so you’ll likely get a solid mix of stats to show off to your friends. You may be surprised to see just how much time you’ve spent on Twitch this year, which is sure to have gone up compared to years prior due to the pandemic and quarantine measures around the globe.

If you don’t have your recap in your email connected to your Twitch account quite yet, don’t worry. Recaps are still being sent out to users in large waves, so you might just need to wait a bit longer.

Be sure to share your Twitch recaps with us on Twitter, @charlieINTEL. Here’s to another year of good times on Twitch!

Image Credits: Twitch / Leckey__ / Eboncloak