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How to get more Dwellers in Fallout Shelter

Want to create the most popular Vault out there? Check out this guide that reveals all the methods to get more Dwellers in Fallout Shelter.



Fallout Shelter official art work

Your Vault in Fallout Shelter cannot function properly without Dwellers. If you want more hands and brains to operate your facility, check out this guide on how to get more Dwellers in Fallout Shelter.

Games based on post-apocalyptic worlds have been around for a long time and it seems like gamers will never get bored of defeating hordes of zombies. However, Fallout Shelter has represented a unique post-apocalyptic society where the harm is already done and you now focus on rebuilding everything from scratch.

Fallout Shelter is all about managing a Vault and getting as many people as possible to join it. The Dwellers not only prepare food, water, and power but also explore the Wastelands outside for resources.

Now that you know about their importance, here’s how to get more Dwellers in Fallout Shelter.

Different rooms in the Vault in Fallout Shelter

Ways to get more Dwellers in Fallout Shelter

There are four ways to get more Dwellers in Fallout Shelter:

  • Breeding existing Dwellers
  • Lunchboxes
  • Radio Studios
  • Survivors in wastelands

Now, we’ll take a closer look at each method.

Breed existing Dwellers in Fallout Shelter

Place a male and a female Dweller in the Living Quarters room of your Vault in Fallout Shelter. After some chit-chat, they should go to the back room and when they return, the female Dweller will be pregnant. In about eight hours, she’ll give birth to a child who will eventually become a new Dweller of your Vault.

Couples in Fallout Shelter meet, talk, dance, and then mate. You can keep a track of these activities to predict when they’ll go to the back room. The charisma of the Dwellers also plays a role in getting them to mate quickly.

Do note that family members/relatives do not mate with each other in Fallout Shelter. If put in the same room, a Hanging Out with Family message appears over them.

Mating Dwellers in Fallout Shelter

Get Legendary Dwellers from Lunchboxes in Fallout Shelter

Lunchboxes in Fallout Shelter can contain Legendary Dwellers. You can obtain Lunchboxes by completing quests, purchasing them from the in-game store, and wasteland encounters.

Every Lunchbox hands out five cards and the fifth card has a 21.2% and 3.8% chance to be a Rare Dweller and a Legendary Dweller, respectively.

Radio Studio broadcasts attract new Dwellers in Fallout Shelter

You can transmit a broadcast through a Radio Studio to attract new Dwellers in Fallout Shelter. A Radio Studio lets you communicate with outsiders in the Wastelands but during this, you might attract raiders and deathclaws too.

The success of your Radio Studio largely depends on the Charisma of the Dweller you’ve assigned to this room. If you cannot make a Radio Studio yet, just add a total of 20 Dwellers to your Vault and the feature will unlock.

A Radio Studio in Fallout Shelter

Wastelands survivors in Fallout Shelter can become Dwellers

Last but not least, build an Overseer’s room in Fallout Shelter and send your existing Dwellers on Wastelands expeditions. At times, they’ll come across survivors who’d want to join your Vault as Dwellers.

Breeding existing Dwellers is the most common and reliable way to get more Dwellers in Fallout Shelter but for the best results, you should focus on all the methods stated above.

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Image Credits: Fallout Shelter