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Apex Legends

How to get Legendary loot from MRVNs in Apex Legends

One of Apex Legends’ newest features allows players to obtain randomized loot during a game. Here’s how to get Legendary Loot from MRVNs.



MRVN’s are now a feature of the Apex Legends map having been introduced in the recent Fight Night update. MRVN’s can provide you with legendary loot in Olympus and we’ll help you learn how to do this.

Respawn Entertainment made sure to start 2021 with a bang, and they did just that with the Fight Night Collection event that unloaded lots of new content into the game.

One cool addition is the large quantity of MRVN’s that are now situated all-over Olympus’ map. They can give you a massive boost by granting you access to some drool-worthy, Legendary Loot. To get your hands on it though, you’ll have to be cruel to be kind, to yourself.

pathfinder MRVN robot in apex legends

MRVN’s Legendary Loot in Apex Legends

You’re going to be left with a moral dilemma with regards to how you handle a MRVN because there is a little trick you can do to increase your chances of getting some wonderful Legendary Loot.

When you approach one of Olympus’ many MRVNs, you will be able to tell what kind of loot you’ll be getting from them. As we’re sure you’ve noticed, their screen displays different faces and these denote the rarity of your loot.

These are what the different faces mean:

  • White sad face = Common level 1 loot
  • Neutral blue face = Rare level 2 loot
  • Pleased purple face = Epic level 3 loot
  • Very Happy yellow face = Legendary Level 4 loot

Naturally, a yellow face is the jackpot and will get you Legendary Loot anyway, which is great. But you can be a bit more sinister and let greed cloud your judgment.

Eliminate the MRVN by destroying it and it will drop one of its arms. You can then take the arm to another MRVN robot that you find somewhere else and this will peak the MRVN’s happiness and they instantly giving you Legendary Loot.

This process can actually be repeated, but it’s not so easy finding a MRVN, let alone MRVNs that haven’t already been found in your game.

Either way, with your newfound knowledge, you can loot and shoot MRVNs to your heart’s desire and rest easy knowing they’ve died so you may become an Apex Champion.

Image credits: Respawn Entertainment