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How to get free Khari Fortnite skin with Galaxy Cup 3

Here’s how to unlock Fortnite’s Khari skin and cosmetics for free with the Galaxy Cup 3, before it arrives in the Item Shop.



Khari skin in Fortnite

Fortnite players can unlock the Khari Galaxy Evolved skin before it hits the Item Shop for free with the Galaxy Cup 3. Here’s how to play in the Fortnite Galaxy Cup, and how to get the free skin.

With Fortnite being one of the biggest battle royales on the market, it has a booming competitive mode. While there’s often cash on the line, Epic sometimes hold Cups where players can unlock skins and cosmetics for free before they hit the Item Shop.

After being discovered in the 21.20 update game files, the new character Khari has officially been announced as the Galaxy Cup 3 reward. Here’s how to play in the tournament, and everything you need to do to unlock the Khari Outfit for free before it hits Fortnite’s Item Shop.

Fortnite Khari skin

How to play Fortnite Galaxy Cup 3

Fortnite’s Galaxy Cup 3 is a Zero Build Solo competition that’s only open to Android players, so you’ll need to have Fortnite downloaded on an Android device to play.

The tournament takes place on July 16-17, where players will have two hours and seven matches to earn as many points as possible. Scoring is the same as any other Fortnite tournament, where players will earn a point for each elimination and up to 30 placement points for scoring a Victory Royale.

Epic recommends players check the ‘Compete in-game tab’ to find out the start time in their region.

How to get free Khari skin & cosmetics in Fortnite

Top performing Galaxy Cup 3 players in each region will unlock Khari’s Galaxy Evolved Outfit and the Truth’s Quiver Back Bling for free in Fortnite. Khari will hit the Item Shop later, but players who earn the skin will also unlock the Terrabound style variant.

You don’t need to be a top player either, as anyone who earns at least eight points will get their hands on the Galaxy Creation Spray.

Galaxy creation spray in Fortnite

Here’s a breakdown of the placement needed to unlock Khari in each region:

  • Europe – 1st – 4,500th
  • NA East 1st – 2,300th
  • NA West – 1st – 800th
  • Brazil – 1st – 800th
  • Asia 1st – 800th
  • Oceana – 1st – 400th
  • Middle East – 1st – 400th

Fortnite’s devs haven’t revealed when Khari’s Galaxy Evolved Outfit will hit the Item Shop, but it shouldn’t be too long after the Galaxy Cup.

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Image Credit: Epic Games