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How to get famous in BitLife

Want to make a fortune and have millions of followers at the same time? Here’s a guide on how to get famous in BitLife.



Famous actor in BitLife

Getting famous is one of the most sought-after goals in BitLife and only a planned approach can help you achieve that. Here’s a guide on how to get famous in BitLife.

Like every life simulation game, there’s no objective goal in BitLife. You can be a CEO, a corporate employee, a veterinarian, a billionaire, and several other things. The game even allows you to commit crimes and then escape prison by solving tricky puzzles.

Amidst this plethora of professions in BitLife, there are only a few that can help you get famous. Moreover, gaining celebrity is directly related to some of your in-game stats.

If you want to influence the masses in BitLife, this guide on how to become famous will certainly help you.

Famous model in BitLife

Requirements to become famous in BitLife

If you want to get famous in BitLife, focusing on these in-game mechanics is a must:

  • Your character must have 75-80% Looks when you begin your virtual life. If that’s not the case, keep resetting till you get this stat.
  • Jobs that are based on interacting with people, managing events, sports, acting, dancing, singing, and other arts are best for getting famous.
  • Do not stop social activities and self-care once you get the Fame bar in-game. Neglecting it will reduce your fame in no time.

Now that we know the basics, here are the steps that you can follow to get famous in BitLife.

Steps to become famous in BitLife

Follow these steps to get famous in BitLife:

  1. Start your game with a character who has high Looks stat. Other stats like Smarts do not matter.
  2. As soon as the Mind and Body tab opens up, focus on going to the gym regularly, going on walks, and performing martial arts, yoga, and meditation.
  3. Use the additional money you have on Salon & Spa. Get manicures to increase your Looks.
  4. Make a social media account and post a few times every year.
  5. As you graduate High School, your Looks should be near 90% if you want to get famous without a hassle.
  6. Look for jobs such as junior actor, DJ, singer, puppeteer, foot model, athlete, and musician. You can also work in the adult film industry.
  7. Work hard and you’ll be promoted eventually. During this time, do not neglect your Looks as well as social media.
  8. If you follow this approach, you will get a new Fame bar that has its own fame-related activities. Perform these activities to stay relevant and make sure that your looks remain static at 100%.
  9. Take part in commercials, post on social media, and write books to get 100% Fame and maintain it.
  10. You might need plastic surgery to maintain your looks at an older age. Considering how easy it is to make money as a famous person in BitLife, this shouldn’t be an issue.
Famous actor surrounded by cameramen in BitLife

Alternatively, you can also join social media platforms and spend as much time as possible on them. Interact with your fans to build a massive community and you might get a major followers boost if any of your posts go viral. Among all social media platforms, Instagram is the most convenient for increasing fame.

All in all, getting famous in BitLife is all about Looks, Health, and your profession. There’s a wide range of jobs that can grant you popularity but the hustle to maintain your high Looks and Health is the same everywhere.

Well, this was everything to know about becoming famous in BitLife. For similar content, check out how to rob a train and how to be an actor.

Image Credits: Candywriter