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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

How to fix Warzone’s weird flashing screen glitch

Warzone Pacific players are frustrated with the strange flashing screen glitch and here’s how you can fix this problem.



Warzone operator running

A bizarre glitch is causing players’ screens to start flashing in Warzone Pacific, but luckily, there is a simple way to get around this irritating problem.

Warzone Pacific players have dealt with their fair share of glitches that have strange effects on gameplay, such as letting you get under the map to shoot through walls or making Stims completely useless.

These glitches can be particularly frustrating if the only way around them is to wait for the developers to implement a fix. Now, players have encountered another bug, but this one comes with a simple workaround.

Warzone Opeartors in combat

How to fix Warzone’s flashing screen glitch

Reddit user ‘amphelman’ posted a clip in the Warzone subreddit showcasing a strange flashing light overtaking the whole screen. They then jokingly asked the commenters if they “became blessed.”

One of the commenters presented a fairly straightforward solution to this problem, stating that you can fix the glitch by simply switching your weapon in the create a class screen. Once that’s done, your screen should stop flashing.

Another user tried out this solution and confirmed it worked properly, stating: “I switched to my favorite weapon and got it. Thank you.” If that doesn’t work, then you can also try closing the Warzone application and restarting it.

A few of the commenters claimed to have encountered this glitch before, with one user stating: “it will happen on any reflective surface as far as I can tell. I have seen it happen to guns, stair railings, and fences from time to time.”

When this issue pops up, the effect is similar to having a flashbang thrown at you, as you’re incapable of seeing anything on your screen aside from a flashing white light. Hopefully, this solution will fix the problem if you encounter it.

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Image Credit: Activision