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How to fix PC screen tearing in WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22 is a beautiful game, but PC players are struggling with some frustrating graphical errors. Here’s you can stop screen tearing.



Edge in WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22 has been well received by wrestling fans, but for those on PC, graphical issues have been affecting gameplay. Here’s how you can fix screen tearing in WWE 2K22.

After the universally panned release of WWE 2K20, 2K Sports and Visual Concepts spent two years working on the game’s successor, finally dropping WWE 2K22 for grappling fans to sink their teeth into.

With incredible graphics and a new combat system, 2K22 is certainly scratching that wrestling itch for fans of the squared circle.

In some cases, wrestler entrances look so good that it’s hard to tell if it’s from the game or an actual show. Unfortunately, PC players are finding that their immersion is getting ruined by an issue with screen tearing. Thankfully, there’s a fix.

Sheamus in WWE 2K22

Screen tearing is only affecting entrances and cutscenes at the moment, so the good news is that you’re still able to get in the ring and fight without it being ruined. Still though, if you’re playing the game’s MyRise story mode, or you just enjoy watching the entrances before a match, this issue is very frustrating.

Along with that, the game has a limited selection of graphical settings, with no in-game V-Sync setting to address this problem. If you download Nvidia Control Panel though, there is a way you can solve it.

How to stop screen tearing on WWE 2K22 on PC

  1. Download the Nvidia Control Panel app.
  2. Once installed, go to ‘3D Settings,’ and then select ‘Manage 3D settings.’
  3. Select ‘Program Settings,’ then select WWE 2K22 from the list of programs on your PC.
  4. Scroll down to ‘Vertical sync,’ and switch it on. This will force the game to use V-Sync.
  5. Restart your game and test it.
Brock Lesnar in WWE 2K22

At the moment, you can also only view entrances in 30 FPS, which is quite annoying. Hopefully, 2K Sports and Visual Concepts release a patch to address this and let us enjoy the game in all its glory.

If you’re looking for more in-ring action, check out our guide on how to break the ring in WWE 2K22.

Image Credits: WWE / 2K Sports / Visual Concepts