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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

How to fix CoD: Warzone “Checking for update” bug: Xbox, PC & PS5

Tired of Warzone Season 2 freezing on the “Checking for update” screen? Check out our quick guide on how to fix this bug on PC, Xbox & PS5.



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One of Warzone’s most frustrating bugs causes players to get stuck on the game’s “checking for update” screen. Here’s everything you need to fix it on Xbox, PC, PS4, or PS5.

There’s nothing more annoying than wanting to hop straight into a game of Warzone, and quite simply being told no. Unfortunately, that’s what’s happening to a lot of Warzone players thanks to the “checking for update” issue, which forces players to watch the game endlessly search for a patch that doesn’t exist.

Thankfully, there are some workarounds that can help you get past this screen. Chances are that at least one of them should fix Warzone for you, and you can resume smashing players and Zombies with your beastly AUG in Call of Duty: Warzone.

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How to fix the Warzone “checking for update” bug on PC

There are plenty of ways for players to fix this glitch, although some such as purging the Blizzard-related cache or sanning & repairing using the launcher are only available on PC.

These useful tips should get those who play on their computer back into action fairly quickly, although some of them are quite technical.

1. Restart your internet connection

  1. Disconnect your router
  2. Reconnect your router and wait a few minutes
  3. Check Warzone

One of the most basic fixes for any internet instability, simply disconnect your router, reconnect it, wait for it to boot up, and try again.

2. Scan and repair Warzone’s game files

  1. Go to
  2. Log in and go to Warzone
  3. Click ‘Options’ and then ‘Scan and Repair’
  4. Select ‘Begin Scan’
  5. Once done, boot up Warzone and see if the screen has vanished

3. Change your DNS settings

  1. Open up ‘Network & Internet Settings’
  2. Go to ‘Change Adapter Options’
  3. Right-click your Network Adapter and click on ‘Properties’
  4. Select ‘Internet Protocol Version 4’ (TCP/IPv4) and click ‘Properties’
  5. Use these DNS server addresses: For Preferred DNS server, type; and for Alternate DNS server, type and then press ‘Ok’ to save changes
  6. Now purge the DNS cache. On your keyboard, press the Windows Logo key and type cmd. Then select ‘Run as administrator.
  7. In the pop-up window, directly after “system32>” type in ‘ipconfig /flushdns’ and then press ‘Enter’
  8. Start Warzone and see if it’s working now

4. Update your Network Driver

  1. You need to update your Network Driver either Manually or Automatically
  2. If Manually, visit the website of your motherboard manufacturer, then search for your model. Network Drivers can be found in the support or download page and only download the network driver compatible with your system
  3. If Automatically, download Driver Easy
  4. Launch it and click ‘Scan Now’
  5. Click ‘Update All’ to download the Drivers
  6. Restart your PC and try Warzone again

5. Temporarily disable your firewall

  1. Press the ‘Windows Logo’ key and the ‘R’ key at the same time
  2. Type: control firewall.cpl into the box and click ‘Ok’
  3. Now select ‘Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off’
  4. Then click on ‘Turn off Windows Defender Firewall (not recommended)’ for all three settings, and click ‘Ok’
  5. Attempt Warzone again
  1. Press the ‘Windows Logo’ key and the ‘R’ key
  2. Type ‘%programdata%’ into the box and click ‘Ok’
  3. One at a time, right-click the ‘’ and ‘Blizzard Entertainment’ folders, then choose ‘Delete’
  4. Press the Windows Logo’ key and the ‘R’ key again
  5. Type or paste ‘%appdata%’ into the box and click ‘Ok’
  6. Right-click the ‘’ folder and select ‘Delete’
  7. Press the ‘Windows Logo’ key and the ‘R’ key
  8. Type ‘%localappdata%’ into the box and click ‘Ok’
  9. This time, right-click the ‘’ and ‘Blizzard Entertainment’ folders and select ‘Delete’

How to fix Warzone “checking for update” bug on Xbox & PS5

If this glitch is affecting you on either an Xbox or PlayStation console, there are still some ways for you to get around it.

1. Restart the game

  1. Press the home button on either your Xbox or PS5 controller, and head back to your console’s main screen.
  2. Select the Warzone game, and press start. Then select close application. If the game is unresponsive or you can’t get it to close, try ejecting the disc if you’re using one.
  3. Restart the game and check if it has worked.

2. Restart your console

  • If your game is stuck in the “checking for update” loop, switch off your console either by using your controller, or the power button on the console itself.
  • Leave for 10 seconds, turn it back on, and try your Warzone application.

3. Restart your internet connection

  1. Disconnect your router
  2. Reconnect your router and wait a few minutes
  3. Check Warzone

4. Redownload the latest Warzone update

PS4 & PS5

  1. Go to your notifications icon on the home screen, and select downloads.
  2. Select the update you want to delete, press enter, then cancel and delete.
  3. Go back to home screen, select Warzone, press start, and check for update.


  1. Go to “My Games and Apps,” then queue on the left hand side.
  2. Find the game being update, then press the Menu button on your controller.
  3. Select cancel.

5. Delete your PS5 or Xbox system cache

PS4 & PS5

  1. Turn off your console, making sure not to enter Rest Mode.
  2. Once your console has stopped blinking, remove the power cable.
  3. Wait at least 30 seconds.
  4. Plug the power cable back in and restart your console.


  1. Turn off your console.
  2. Once the lights on the front of the console and the power brick are off, unplug the power cable from the rear of the console.
  3. Wait at least 30 seconds.
  4. Play the power cable back in and restart your console.

Hopefully one of these suggestions will have worked for you, no matter which platform you choose to play Warzone on. In the unfortunate case that none of these have solved this issue, your next step is to reinstall the game, which can be a lengthy process.

You should be free of the checking for update bug and can enjoy some cheat-free Warzone against some of the top Warzone streamers in the world!

Image credits: Activision