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How to earn every Apex Legends Arena badge

You can earn various different badges when jumping into the new Arenas mode in Apex Legends Season 9, Legacy.



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Arenas is the new 3v3 game mode that was introduced in Apex Legends Season 9, Legacy, and it lets you earn plenty of neat badges to show off on your banner, so here’s how you can do that.

There is a ton of new content to unpack within the Apex Legends Legacy update, including the new Legend Valkyrie, the Bocek Bow, and Infested Olympus. Season 9 also introduced the Arenas 3v3 mode.

This new mode is different from the main battle royale component, as you’ll jump in with a specific loadout that you purchase at the start. You’ll have the opportunity to earn four badges to display on your banner.

Apex Legends Arenas shop

How to unlock all badges in Apex Legends Arenas

The biggest difference between Arenas mode and battle royale component in Apex Legends is that you won’t find any random loot to collect after hopping in. Instead, you’ll stick with loadouts purchased at the start of each round.

There also aren’t any respawns, or third parties in Arenas, and the stats are completely different from the battle royale. You can unlock a total of four badges in this game mode, and we’ll go over each one.

Win Streak

As the name implies, you’ll earn this badge after racking up several wins in a row. An improved version of this was awarded to players that successfully completed the Arenas teaser in Season 8.

Players had to find all the holosprays and then activate the teaser in the Firing Range before meeting Ash. If you didn’t complete the teaser, you will still get to keep the Win Streak badge, but it won’t be as luxurious.

Win Streak badge in Apex Legends Arenas

Legend’s Arena

This next badge is also another win tracker, but the difference is that it’s specific to the Legend you’re playing as. You’ll get to earn this by winning various games in a row while playing as the same character.

Each Legend has different tiers in this badge, and you’ll get to progress through 5, 20, 50, 100, 500 wins.

Wraith arenas badge

Survivor badge

If you can get through an Arenas game without getting eliminated at all, then you’ll get to keep the Arenas survivor badge. You won’t have to worry about playing as a specific character, as it’s usable with every Legend.

Apex Legends Survivor badge

Shutout badge

The Shutout badge is a reward for winning an Arenas match 3-0. If you can overcome your enemies throughout three quick rounds, then you’ll face no trouble unlocking this badge quickly.

Shutout badge in Apex Legends

That covers all the a badges that currently available within the new Apex Legends Arenas mode. We hope that more will be added as the new season progresses, including rewards for dishing out a ton of damage.

Ranked Arenas is set to arrive in future as well, so we’ll probably see Respawn add even more badges in that. Once they do, we’ll be sure to update this article.

Image credits: Respawn Entertainment