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How to deal damage with a chicken peck in Fortnite: Locations & guide

Here’s how you can complete the Fortnite Avian Ambush week Quest that requires you to deal damage with a chicken peck.



Chicken in Fortnite

One of the Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4 Avian Ambush Quests requires you to deal damage with a chicken peck, so here are the locations where you can find a chicken and get this done.

Epic Games have confirmed that Fortnite Chapter 3 will soon be coming to an end, and players have a limited amount of time to complete all the available in-game Quests before Chapter 4 goes live.

Avian Ambush Week has returned to the game, and one of the new Quests tasks you with dealing damage to enemies with a chicken peck. We’ll go over how you can complete this challenge quickly.

Where to find a chicken in Fortnite

Chickens can be found all over the map but we recommend heading either east of Greasy Grove or Lustrous Lagoon as you’ll find a good number of these feathered creatures roaming around there.

You’ll need to keep an eye out for enemy players that also visit these locations in an attempt to complete this Avian Ambush Week Quest. You can check out all the chicken locations on the Fortnite map courtesy of Fortnite.GG.

Fortnite chicken locations

How to deal damage with a chicken peck in Fortnite

You can deal damage with a chicken peck by picking up the chicken, bringing it to a player, and then waiting for it to start pecking them. You don’t need to worry about aiming or pressing any particular button to get this done.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find a chicken roaming in the wild.
  2. Chase it and press the interact button to pick it up.
  3. Find an opponent.
  4. Get close and wait for the chicken to peck them.

Once this is done, you’ll be awarded 20,000 XP for your efforts. It’s worth keeping in mind that running while holding the chicken above your head will cause you to drop it, so you’ll need to be careful about that. The good news is that you can still use it to glide after jumping.

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Image credits: Epic Games