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How to complete FIFA 23 History Mystery Lesson objectives

FIFA 23 History Mystery Lesson objectives are here to put your football knowledge to the test, and we’ve got all the answers for each one.



Netherlands players celebrating in FIFA 23

EA have dropped a host of unique History Mystery Lesson objectives into FIFA 23 Ultimate Team to players’ knowledge of the beautiful game to the test. Here’s how to complete all of the History Mystery Lesson objectives in FIFA 23.

World Cup fever has well and truly taken over FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. FUT fans have received a wealth of content inspired by Qatar 2022, from the Path to Glory promo to World Cup Swaps to grind.

EA are also taking this opportunity to celebrate the biggest moments from past World Cups. The latest throwback comes in the form of the FIFA 23 History Mystery Lesson objectives; themed puzzles where players must use their football knowledge to earn pack rewards.

If you’re struggling to solve these World Cup riddles, we’ve got the answer to all of the FIFA 23 History Mystery Lessons below.

FIFA 23 History Mystery Lesson objectives

In the past, all FIFA 23 objectives came with clear criteria so that players can quickly get into games and set about completing them. The History Mystery Lesson challenges shake things up by offering a vague description based on an iconic World Cup match or moment.

Each objective provides a clue, and players must decipher how that translates to an in-game challenge. These clues can be tricky to solve, but once you’ve cracked them they are relatively easy to complete.

Keep reading for a breakdown of every FIFA 23 History Mystery Lesson objective, answer, and how to complete the challenge.

FIFA 23 World Cup update

The Blow of Maracana


An international game that broke an all-time record that still holds to this day. Re-enact the match.


This objective refers to the 1950 World Cup Final between Uraguay and Brazil in front of a record crowd at the Maracana Stadium. Uraguay emerged 2-1 winners in front of 173,850 fans.


Score two goals with Uraguay players in any mode.

Hometown Shocker


The host nation was eliminated with an unexpected final score leaving the world stunned. Recreate this match!


In 2014, host nation Brazil were dumped out of the World Cup after a brutal 7-1 defeat to Germany.


Score seven goals in a single game in any FIFA 23 game mode.



This last-minute finesse goal ensured victory against the host nation and guaranteed a spot in the final of the world’s biggest tournament. Recreate the final goal of that match!


This is inspired by Alessandro Del Piero’s late winner against Germany in 2006, which saw Italy go through to the final before beating France to win the competition.


Score a finesse shot with an Italian player in any FIFA 23 game mode.

fifa 23 world cup england celebrating

A 1950 Miracle of Grass


Who doesn’t like an underdog story? Relive it!


In the 1950 World Cup, the USA beat England 1-0 in one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history. The American squad was made up mainly of part-time players, while England had stars like Sir Stanley Matthews on the patch.


Score with a USA player in any FIFA 23 Ultimate Team match.

The Heat Battle of Lausanne


A match with 12 goals and extreme conditions of 104 degrees Fahrenheit with an exciting performance shared by two players, one from each team. What did the two players have in common?


This challenge relates to a match between Austria and Switzerland in 1954 which finishes 7-5. Theodor Wager netted a hat trick for winners Austria, while Josef Hugi also got three for the Swiss.


Score a hat trick with an Austria and Switzerland player in the same Ultimate Team match.



This player has scored in every international world tournament he has played in from 2002 to 2014, and he is one of only four players to do so. Recreate his journey.


The Somersault challenge is inspired by iconic Germany forward Miroslav Klose, who went on to become the all-time top scorer in the World Cup.


Score with a Germany player in four separate matches.

There you have it! That was everything you need to know about how to complete FIFA 23’s History Mystery Lesson objectives.

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Image credits: EA SPORTS