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How to claim free GTA Online Christmas Day gifts 2022

GTA Online players can claim some free Christmas Day gifts with the Festive Surprise event, so here’s how.



GTA Online player with Candy Cane weapon

GTA Online’s Festive Surprise update has brought plenty of holiday-themed items and events to Los Santos, and here’s how to claim the free Christmas Day gifts in 2022.

It’s officially the holidays in Los Santos as snow covers the ground, the Weezel Plaza explodes for the Die Hard event, and the Grinch-inspired Gooch hunts you down. Of course, there are plenty of gifts to earn as well, including the Snowman Outfit for finding all of the Snowmen around the map.

That’s not all though, as Rockstar are giving away some free Christmas-themed cosmetics and supplies during the holiday period. Here’s how to claim all of the free GTA Online Christmas Day gifts in 2022.

How to get GTA Online Christmas Day items 2022

To receive all of the GTA Online Christmas Day gifts, you just have to log in during the Festive Surprise event which runs from December 22-28.

Load into a match and you’ll be met with a message telling you that you have been awarded the Candy Cane and some other powerful items. Be sure to head to your wardrobe or a clothing store where you can also claim festive cosmetics from previous years’ events.

All GTA Online Christmas Day gifts 2022

gta online player with reindeer beer hat gift

From the Candy Cane weapon to explosives, here are all of GTA Online’s Christmas Day gifts in 2022:

  • Candy Cane
  • Green Reindeer Beer Hat
  • Firework Launcher
  • Firework Rockets (20)
  • Full Snacks
  • Full Armor
  • Sticky Bombs (25)
  • Grenades (25)
  • Proximity Mines (5)
  • Molotovs (10)

All of these items will be in your wardrobe and inventory as soon as you log in. You can also head to the Diamond Casino for a chance at earning this week’s Podium Vehicle, the Comet Safari.

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Image Credit: Rockstar Games