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Halo Infinite Tactical Ops event rewards leaked

According to new leaks, Halo Infinite will soon be receiving the Tactical Ops event, bringing new modes and some exciting cosmetic rewards.



Halo Infinite Mark V Zeta Helmet

Halo Infinite is set to see new ‘Tactical’ game modes added in the future, and new leaks claim they’ll arrive with the Tactical Ops event in February, which also brings exciting rewards including a highly-anticipated piece of armor.

Perhaps the most anticipated game of 2021, Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer dropped almost a month early. The classic arena-based combat has hooked fans old and new, and developers 343 Industries appear to be taking full advantage of the live-service model.

The Fracture: Tenrai event is set to wrap up in early February, and new leaks have indicated that the Tactical Ops event will follow immediately after, adding new game modes and a piece of Spartan armor that fans have long been after.

It was recently leaked that Halo Infinite would be receiving new game modes soon, with the Tactical Ops playlist adding ‘Tactical’ variations of existing modes such as Capture the Flag, Slayer, and Oddball.

According to these new leaks, the new modes will arrive with the Tactical Ops event which launches through February 8, 2022 – February 21, 2022. The description currently reads “Test your aim in a high stakes battle,” and similar to Fracture: Tenrai, there will be several new rewards to earn which have been leaked along with the event.

Halo Infinite Tactical Ops rewards

These new Halo Infinite leaks come from iFireMonkey’s personal account, who’s well-known for accurately datamining upcoming Fortnite content.

According to the leaks from iFireMonkey, here are the Tactical Ops event rewards:

  • Rank 1: Claw Patrol Spartan Pose
  • Rank 2: Challenge Swap
  • Rank 3: 250 XP Grant
  • Rank 4: Scorpion Punch Mark VII Armor Coating
  • Rank 5: Mark V Zeta Helmet
  • Rank 6: Challenge Swap
  • Rank 7: 250 XP Grant
  • Rank 8: 250 XP Grant
  • Rank 9: UA/Mauros Helmet Attachment
  • Rank 10: Lone Wolf Nameplate Background

The Mark V Zeta Helmet was shown off in Halo Infinite’s marketing, and players were immediately keen for their Spartan to don the helmet. Now, we appear to have confirmation that it can be unlocked through the Tactical Ops event in February.

And for those who are looking to fly through the Season 1 Battle Pass, the extra 750 XP on offer will be a handy boost.

Stay tuned to Charlie INTEL for further updates on the Tactical Ops event and all future Halo Infinite updates.

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Image Credit: 343 Industries