How to use Black Ops Cold War weapons in Warzone Season 2

Andrew Highton

Warzone was integrated with Black Ops Cold War in Season 1. Here’s how to use the new Season 2 weapons in the Battle Royale.

It’s an exciting time to be a Call of Duty fan as Treyarch & Infinity Ward now have both of their main games working in conjuncture with each other.

The main menu of these respective CoD titles allow you to freely switch between Warzone, Black Ops Cold War, and Modern Warfare. With Warzone now working in tandem with Cold War, it means that there are now more guns to be used to achieve a Warzone victory.

rebirth island in cod warzone

Black Ops Cold War weapons in Warzone

When you load up Warzone now, at some point you will encounter a loadout update informing you that you can “Unlock weapons from Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare. Equip weapons from both titles in your Warzone loadout.”

The idea is that it creates one seamless integration of all three games into Warzone so that you have the full range of weapons to pick from. Given that Black Ops Cold War released much later than Modern Warfare, it’s understandable that people are eager to try out some of their new favorites in Warzone.

So in order to do that, here’s what you’ll need to do.

  1. Load up Warzone
  2. Switch to the Weapons tab
  3. Click on Edit Loadout
  4. Choose any Create-A-Class
  5. Go to Primary or Secondary weapons
  6. Select a class of weapon
  7. Scroll through until you see a weapon with the “Black Ops” logo next to it
bocw weapons in warzone

Once you’ve seen that logo, then you know what to do. Instead of having a separate category or section for BOCW weapons, Warzone just bundles them all together in Edit Loadout.

The cool thing is that it also has different variations of the same gun e.g Warzone has the AK from Modern Warfare and the AK from Black Ops Cold War. New attachments have been included as well as Warzone aims to become an encyclopedia of Call of Duty.

So if there’s any cool loadouts from Black Ops Cold War you want to bring over from the MAC-10 to the Krig-6, then you can do so with Warzone and use them to earn more victories.

Image credits: Treyarch, Infinity Ward