How to make paper in Minecraft

Sugarcanes in Minecraft

Paper is one of the most essential items we all use every day. In Minecraft, Paper plays an equally important role in creating items identical to their real-life counterparts like Books, Maps, and more. Using simple steps, one can make paper in the game.

Minecraft is a sandbox game that shares similar traits very much like the real world. It contains elements that a player can notice around themselves every day. Paper is one of those items that people use every day in almost everything.

In the game itself, paper is one of the most essential elements that have several applications if used in crafting. It can be found in Shipwrecks, Strongholds, or Cartographer’s chests or else players can make it themselves using a few simple steps.

However, to craft paper, one needs to have the most essential element in Minecraft which is a Crafting Table. Here’s everything you need to craft and use paper.

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How to make a Crafting Table?

The Crafting Table is the most essential element in Minecraft as you cannot create any tools, items, or builds a player would require for survival without it. To make a Crafting Table, all you need to do is gather some wood using your pickaxe.

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You can hold down your left mouse button to cut down a tree while facing the trunk and gather wood from it. One wood will create four planks which are all you would need to craft a table.

Once enough wood is gathered, you need to open your grid on Minecraft by pressing the E key and clicking on the wood you have gathered. Then click the four empty squares one by one to convert the harvested wood into four planks.

Upon doing so, you will have a Crafting Table ready in your inventory. Once the table is ready, just right-click on the ground to place it. Now you’re all set to craft other items in Minecraft.

How to make Paper?

To make paper in Minecraft you would need to gather Sugarcane which can easily be found near a water body. They look like a cluster of tall green Bamboo or Reeds.

Once you spot them near a water body, use your pickaxe to harvest the sugarcane by holding down your left mouse button. Remember, you need at least three of those to craft paper.

After you have some sugarcanes in your inventory, open your Crafting Grid by pressing the E button and place three of those in a single row. This would then result in a paper that is now in your inventory.

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And you’re down. It’s that simple. Three sugarcanes and you can get the most essential element of Minecraft easily which can further be used to craft more interesting items.

Paper Crafting steps in Minecraft

What are the uses of Paper in Minecraft?

Paper can be used in different ways depending upon your use for it. Stack three pieces of paper with a piece of leather in a grid, and you have a book.

You can also fill the entire grid with nine pieces of paper placed next to each other and you can get a Map, which is very useful if you like to keep a record of the surroundings around you and spend too much time in one area.

Another interesting crafting recipe using paper is Fireworks. To craft the same you need to place Gunpowder, Paper and Firework Stars in a grid anywhere to craft a Firework Rocket. The same can be used to launch beautiful fireworks in the Minecraft sky.

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The uses of Paper in Minecraft are endless once you get creative enough and start combining it with different elements on the crafting table. However, it only depends on you to create whatever you think is essential for your survival.

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