Xbox Series X loads GTA V at mindboggling speed

Andrew Highton

So much has been made about the PS5 and the Xbox Series X’s load times, but a video has shown what the true future of gaming holds as the notoriously slow-loading Grand Theft Auto V is almost instantaneous.

Despite being one of the most lauded games of all-time, GTA V has notoriously suffered from some notable loading issues – particularly when starting up the game.

However, the raw power of next-gen is not only shortening load times, it’s almost eliminating them completely. Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS3 was a groundbreaking success, but it took some time to boot up, GTA V on the Xbox Series X is a different story altogether.

flying a plane in gta v

Lack of loading

The internet has become populated by videos showcasing how quickly you can go from the home menu to playing a game on next-gen. When you sift through all the glamourous new features that the PS5 and Xbox Series X boast, fast load times might just be at the top.

The first proper attention for GTA V comes in the form of a video on Reddit that shows MrStealKiller loading up his copy of GTA V to play on the Xbox Series X. The video is astonishingly short as it shows how little time is required on the classic screensaver.

One of gaming’s deterrents can be its perceived lack of accessibility. But over the years this notion has changed and gaming systems are trying to decrease waiting to maximize the average person’s free time. The PS4 and Xbox One both had rest mode and the Xbox Series X has quick resume to turbocharge your gaming.

But a deeper look into Grand Theft Auto V’s history shows just how far we’ve come from a technical standpoint. YouTube user InControlAgain performed a test to compare the performance of GTA V across all three generations of console.

From the second the application was selected to the player having full control of the game, these were the results:

  • Xbox 360 – 2:54:27
  • Xbox One – 1:58:29
  • Xbox One S – 2:00:09
  • Xbox One X – 1:31:02
  • Xbox Series X – 0:38:10

Here’s the full video so you can see the comparison for yourself.

As you can see, the Xbox 360 required you to make some coffee, mow the lawn, and even write a novel. Whereas the Xbox Series X is on another level of superiority. There’s nearly a full 2 and a half minutes difference, which may not seem like much to people, but when you’re sat there waiting, it’s out of this world.

It remains to be seen how big GTA 6 is going to be, but one thing’s for sure, the load times of yesteryear should be a distant memory for it.

Image credits: Rockstar Games