How to play NoPixel in GTA RP

How to get into GTA V's NoPixel roleplay server

Roleplaying or “RP” in GTA 5 has risen in popularity over 2020 and now into 2021. Here’s how you can play in the NoPixel server.

GTA RP is a game mode available exclusively for PC players with the mod “FiveM” installed. FiveM allows users to play on custom GTA servers with mods and addons created by community members. By far, the most popular mod is Roleplay which allows players to live an entire life in GTA.

You can do jobs such as a car dealership owner or try your luck at becoming the next kingpin in a gang of your own. You can fight for turf as a part of a gang and even participate in a turf war. There’s even a full court system (yes, you can become a judge, too!).

Michael in GTA V

What is NoPixel?

As of writing, NoPixel is the largest GTA 5 Roleplay server with the most available variety for players. The NoPixel 3.0 update added even more jobs for you to RP and overhauled the game mechanics.

Jobs like being a mechanic, driving instructor, salesman, and impound employee are all included in the game’s newest update. You can see a full trailer below for all the jobs and features included in NoPixel 3.0.

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How to play on NoPixel in GTA V

For console players, playing on NoPixel is not possible. For PC players with the FiveM mod installed, though, you’ll first need to sign up for an account on the official NoPixel website and apply to be allowed into the server.

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This may take a while, but donating to the website will ensure that your application is looked at much quicker. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit the NoPixel website and make an account
  2. Donate to upgrade your account
  3. Once that has processed, you’ll be granted access to the donor app
  4. Fill in your details in the app, and then wait up to 15 to 30 days
  5. Check the messages in your account for confirmation

Hopefully, you’ll receive confirmation of your acceptance. If you don’t, then you can try using the app again since you get up to five chances.

So if you’re looking to get into the action fast, donating a bit to the website might be the best bet. However, NoPixel is still extremely difficult to enter, so you should also look at other great RP servers to join.

If you do get in, we recommend that you watch others play first to understand better how this mod works before jumping in yourself. You can check out some players on Twitch and see how they go about crafting their Roleplay.

Image credits: Rockstar Games