GTA Online January 7 Update: Paragon R, Prime Gaming Rewards & 3x GTA$

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GTA Online is off to a hot start in 2021 as the Paragon R is this week’s podium vehicle. There are also some very cool Prime Gaming Rewards for you to unlock, plus your usual range of sizable discounts too.

We all hope you had a terrific new year and hopefully 2021 will all bring us more joy. Rockstar has tried to kickstart this with a new update for GTA Online.

Thanks to our usual GTA Online leaker TezFunz2, these are all the changes that come with the January 7 update.

GTA Online January 7 patch notes

GTA Online Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel Reward

Diamond Casino & Resort is continuing its seemingly endless generosity by offering up a new vehicle for you to earn for free this week. The Lucky Wheel’s new prize is the Paragon R sportscar.

The Paragon R is worth $905,000 and here’s the official description of the vehicle:

This is it. Wrap it up, folks. Thanks to Enus, humanity’s quest to design the perfect grand tourer is finally over. It took generations of privately educated stiff upper lips, all prepared to dig deep into bottomless wells of lazy entitlement – but credit where it’s due. The Brits cracked the code. This is the kind of self-assurance that can’t be earned. It can only be bought.

paragon r sportscar in gta online

3x GTA$ & RP GTA Online Rewards & Races

This week brings back 3x GTA$ & RP on specific events, namely Air Races and Motor Wars Adv. Mode. There is also 2x GTA$ & RP on Air Freight Cargo too.

We also have information on all the new races and time trials too.

  • Premium Race: Muscle In
  • Time Trial: Casino
  • RC Time Trial: Cypress Flats

Login & Cayo Perico bonuses

Players will still be rewarded for logging in as you can earn a Güffy Double Logo Forwards Cap just by simply loading up GTA Online.

Also, if you manage to steal loot during the Cayo Perico Heist then you can get your hand on the Bigness Faces Sweater.

Major GTA Online Discounts

Big discounts are back with Hangars being the central focus this week with up to 30% off Hangars and renovations. There are also select other discounts too.

40% Off Vehicles

  • Cyclone ($1,134,000)
  • Visione ($1,350,000)
  • Havok ($1,380,540)
  • Valkyrie ($2,274,300)

25% Off Vehicles

  • Alkonost ($3,262,500)
  • Stealth Annihilator ($2,902,500)

GTA Online Prime Gaming Rewards

There are also some excellent freebies for Prime Gaming members to pick up including bonuses for your Submarine and a lump sum of cash.

  • Free Kosatka Sonar Station
  • GTA$200K
  • 35% Off Kurtz 31 Patrol Boat ($1,920,750 – $1,440,562)
  • 35% Off Longfin ($1,381,250 – $1,035,937)
  • 25% Off Weaponized Dinghy ($1,387,500)

That should just about cover everything in this bumper update to begin the new year. We are surely counting down the weeks until we get GTA VI details so keep enjoying GTA Online in the meantime.

Image credits: Rockstar Games

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