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GTA Online players convinced GTA 6’s Vice City map images shown on new shirt

GTA Online players are convinced that Rockstar Games left in Vice City map images on the design of new in-game shirts.



Ferris Wheel in GTA 5

After looking at new shirts that were added to the game, GTA Online players are convinced that Rockstar have dropped a major hint about the setting of GTA 6.

After Rockstar Games officially confirmed that the highly-anticipated GTA 6 is in development, the Grand Theft Auto community has been eager for official announcements about the game.

The GTA 5 follow-up’s setting has been the subject of mass speculation, with rumors pointing towards the game taking place in Vice City. Now, players have discovered a potential hint about the location in GTA Online.

Players noticed that designs for a few new shirts added to GTA Online feature black and white photographs. One of them is a female character giving the middle finger in a car while the other shows a rollercoaster surrounded by trees.

One Redditor claimed that these images were strange because an NPC flipping the bird in GTA Online “never uses her right arm.” They also added that the rollercoaster in GTA 5 doesn’t have any trees next to it.

A commenter stated that the picture of the girl flipping the bird “might still be from GTA V, as the image could be flipped to fit the shirt better.” However, one user pointed out that this isn’t the case since the steering wheel in this American car is on the left side.

In a GTAForums thread, another player claimed that the location in the photograph “doesn’t look like anywhere in LS.” They then added that Rockstar might be “casually hiding GTA VI screenshots” in the game’s assets.

GTAforums comment about GTA Online shirts containing a possible teaser for GTA 6

One player in the thread claimed that the rollercoaster image is most likely a “modified GTA 5 or a stock image.” However, they also added that if it really is from GTA 6 then it could be a parody of Disney World.

They explained: “If GTA 6 does have a secondary city that’s smaller than Vice City, Anaheim would be a good choice in my view. I can imagine a highly detailed Disney parody surrounded by a few neighborhoods and a small downtown.”

Since this is currently all just speculation, we recommend taking these claims with a grain of salt. Rockstar might’ve simply added these images to the shirts as a cool design element without the intention of teasing GTA 6.

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Image credits: Rockstar Games / GTAForums