Tropical Soda Island chest locations in Cookie Run: Kingdom

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Tropical Soda Islands in Cookie Run Kingdom

The Tropical Soda Island in Cookie Run: Kingdom is one of the best game modes for you to get valuable resources. If you’re willing to collect chests from this game mode, check out this guide on the Tropical Soda Island chest locations in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Cookie Run: Kingdom has several game modes such as the Kingdom Arena and Tower of Sweet Chaos that allow players to get a wide range of rewards. One such game mode is the Tropical Soda Island where you clear the mist with Sea Rarities and gain control over 100 small islands that hand out Gold, Stamina Jellies, Crystals, and more.

The Tropical Soda Islands in Cookie Run Kindom also have chests that contain Crystals, Gold, and other exciting rewards. The community loves chests, and we’ve come up with a guide to finding chests in Tropical Soda Islands.

Soda Harbor in Cookie Run Kingdom

Follow these steps to unlock Tropical Soda Islands in Cookie Run Kingdom:

  1. Upgrade your Cookie Castle level to 5.
  2. Clear the area that is blocking the path to Soda Harbor. These include bushes and buildings. By doing so, you’ll get the Handing In Soda Harbor Materials mission.
  3. Complete the mission by giving five Candy Saws to Avocado Cookie.
  4. You’ll now get a mission called Finish Restoring the Soda Harbor. Complete it by donating two Aurora Pillars, Aurora Bricks, and Aurora Compasses.
  5. Wait for 40 minutes and the Tropical Soda Island will be available.

The Tropical Soda Island game mode comprises 100 more islands. These belong to different categories such as Coconut Islands, Mangosteen Islands, Pineapple Islands, and Watermelon Islands. Every island needs to be reclaimed from the pirates and in return, they generate Gold, Crystal, Stamina Jellies, and other rarities for you.

To clear the mist, you’ll have to spend valuable in-game resources like Caramel Spyglasses and Map Fragments.

Area that players need to unlock Tropical Soda Islands

Chests in Cookie Run Kingdom’s Topical Soda Islands are generated at random locations for every player implying that there’s no definite way to determine their position. Several players who’ve cleared the mist from the entire region have reported that the positioning of islands and chests was different for them.

Hence, if you want to get chests from Tropical Soda Islands, you’ll have to spend the Sea Rarities mentioned above and gradually unlock everything. Make sure to unlock the Sunbeds (the ones with a tall water bottle) because they let you unlock additional islands.

Cookie Run Kingdom art featuring Avocado Cookie

This was everything to know about the Tropical Soda Islands and their chests in Cookie Run Kingdom. For similar content, check out our Cookie Run Kingdom tier list of the best Cookies.

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