Is Endrick in EA FC 24?

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Real Madrid in EA FC 24

Endrick is one of the most exciting young players in the world, making him an obvious pick for Career Mode saves in EA FC 24. But you’re wondering whether he’s in the game. here’s everything to know.

EA FC 24 Career Mode enthusiasts are likely looking forward to winning the Ballon d’Or with Brazilian wonderkind Endrick. The Real Madrid-bound forward rose to public prominence a couple of years ago as clips of sensational abilities spread like wildfire online. Since then, he has made his debut for the Brazilian national team and even netted a crucial goal at Wembley.

Speaking of Brazil, the Selecao are nowhere to be seen in EA FC 24. If you’re wondering whether this is the case for the striker as well, here’s everything to know about Endrick in EA FC 24.

EA FC 24: Is Endrick in the game?

No, Endrick is not in EA FC 24. The 17-year-old is not a part of the game’s database, and as such he’s not present in Career Mode or Ultimate Team.

Why isn’t Endrick in EA FC 24?

Endrick is not in EA FC 24 as EA Sports normally do not include players younger than 17 in their database barring some exceptions. This is evidenced by the fact that you cannot search for players younger than 16 in Career Mode.

If you’re wondering how this applies to the Brazillian, who is currently aged 17, it’s because he was 16 years old in July 2023, which is when the in-game Career Mode kicks off. Another notable starlet who’s missing from the game due to a similar reason is Barcelona’s Lamine Yamal.

Is Endrick coming to EA FC 24?

At the moment, there’s no news on Endrick’s introduction in EA FC 24. It’s also unlikely that the Brazillian will be added so late into the game’s cycle. Nevertheless, Endrick will almost certainly be present in EA Sports FC 25 as he will meet the age requirement and represent Real Madrid.

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