How to play the Resident Evil 8 Village demo

Andrew Highton
resident evil 8 village maiden

Despite only being announced during the Resident Evil Village showcase on January 21, the demo is now available and we have all the details on how to download and play it.

The Resident Evil Village showcase presented some new gameplay and cool announcements about the upcoming 8th main game in the series.

But one cool surprise was the sudden release of a demo to experience the game. It is currently available to play right now, so follow our instructions so you can start enjoying the “Maiden” demo right away.

resident evil 8 village Lady Dimitrescu

Resident Evil 8 Village Maiden demo

At the moment, the Maiden demo is exclusive to the PS5 with another completely different demo scheduled for all consoles at a later date. This demo is a short but sweet snippet of what’s to come in Resident Evil Village.

But for now, PlayStation 5 owners can get their hands on Capcom’s latest game and experience the terrifying new Maiden demo. Thankfully it’s very straightforward and these are the steps required to play it:

  1. Go to the PlayStation Store
  2. Head to the search bar
  3. Search for “Resident Evil Maiden”
  4. Download it and play it

There are no codes needed or any special requirements to play the demo. Simply download it and step into a unique perspective as the “Maiden”.

resident evil 8 village chris redfield

You don’t actually take control of Ethan Winters – the protagonist of Resident Evil 7 & Resident Evil 8 – instead, you’re thrust into the body of the mystic Maiden.

There is no combat in the demo, but it’s still a creepy welcome into the horrifying world of the latest survival-horror experience. You’ll get to see the awe-inspiring visuals of the game and have to escape your surroundings by solving puzzles the old-fashioned Resident Evil way.

Despite a vicious ransomware attack on Capcom leaking major Resident Evil 8 spoilers, the showcase and social media reaction have proven that there is much excitement for the eighth installment.

Resident Evil 8 Village will release on May 7, 2021.

Image credits: Capcom

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