How to merge houses in Cookie Run Kingdom

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Two Cookie Houses in Cookie Run Kingdom

Merging houses can help you in clearing space and increasing the supply of Star Jellis in Cookie Run Kingdom. If you want to avail such benefits too, check out this guide on how to merge houses in Cookie Run Kingdom.

While combat challenges like the Tower of Sweet Chaos and Tropical Soda Islands are great for testing the strength of your Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom, base building allows you to make a highly customizable world.

From Cookie Houses to Toy Stores, there’s a wide range of buildings that you can place. Since the land where you can construct is limited, it is wise to merge houses.

From the requirements to the procedure, here’s everything you need to know about merging houses in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Cookie Houses in Cookie Run Kingdom

Requirements to merge houses in Cookie Run Kingdom

To merge two Cookie Houses in Cookie Run Kingdom, they must be at least level 5 or more and of the same level. This means that you can merge two Cookie Houses that are level 6 but cannot merge a level 6 Cookie House with a level 7 Cookie House.

How to merge and demerge houses in Cookie Run Kingdom

Follow these steps to merge two houses in Cookie Run Kingdom:

  1. Make sure the two houses you want to merge are above level 5 and have the same level.
  2. Tap on one of the houses and hold it. Drag it over the second house until you get a blue merge icon on the options wheel.
  3. Once you’ve placed the house perfectly, tap on the blue merge button. With this, you’ll have a Cookie Mansion instead of two Cookie Houses.

Do note that can also disassemble mansions in the game. Follow these steps to unmerge a Cookie Mansion:

  1. Tap on the desired Cookie Mansion and hold until the circular menu appears.
  2. Tap on the orange button with an unmerge sign. With this, you’ll have two Cookie Houses instead of one Cookie Mansion.
Option to merge houses in Cookie Run Kingdom

Why should you merge houses in Cookie Run Kingdom?

The most prominent reasons why you should merge houses in Cookie Run Kingdom are:

  • Merging houses lets you save up space. A mansion takes less space than two houses and also produces more Star Jellies which is a really important resource.
  • Merging and unmerging buildings allow you to make a base where all the houses/mansions look the same. This isn’t a competitive advantage but there are many players who love making an aesthetically pleasing base.

Well, this was everything to know about merging houses in Cookie Run Kingdom. For more content on the mobile game, check out how to hide Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom and our tier lists of the best Treasures and the best Cookies in the game.

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