How to craft a Sled in Sons of the Forest: Sled locations & uses

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Sons of the Forest players are wondering where to find and how to get the Sled while surviving the horrors of the island.

Sons of the Forest is here for PC, leaving players deserted in a horror-filled environment full of surprises. On the island, players will need to watch their vitals by staying hydrated and fed in order to get things done.

While a lot of your survival will be based on pure manpower, building a shelter, and gathering materials, there are things you can craft to make life easier such as the Sled.

The Log Sled was an extremely useful contraption in the original game, The Forest, as it allowed players to carry multiple logs effortlessly. So, here’s our guide on if the Log Sled has returned in Sons of the Forest.

Can you get a Log Sled in Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest does not feature the Log Sled from The Forest, but there is an alternative to the craftable in the sequel.

As there’s no Log Sled, you’ll need to continue carrying logs with pure manpower, which can be quite time-consuming. However, there is a Sled that players can craft in Sons of the Forest.

Checking inventory in Sons of the Forest
Sons of the Forest offers players a vast crafting system.

How to craft a Sled in Sons of the Forest

To craft a Sled in Sons of the Forest, players will need to find a 3D Printer, which can be found in multiple caves across the map.

Sleds in Sons of the Forest, unfortunately, do not let you carry materials such as logs, but they are excellent for travel, as players can use a Sled to slide down mountains and rivers.

3D Printers are marked as a green point on the GPS in Sons of the Forest. Simply pick the closest one and head towards it. You’ll need to be prepared to fight mutants in the cave, so make sure you come with a weapon, food, and water to stay on top of your vitals.

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