GTA Online Heist Challenge: Steal $100 Billion In A Week

Hamza Khalid

Rockstar Games has set a new Heist goal in for players in GTA Online for the coming week. Here is what you need to do.

GTA Online is known for its extremely outlandish missions, events and heists. This time Rockstar has tasked players with stealing an insanely large amount of cash. The target amount is $100 billion collectively and it must be acquired by November 18 or earlier.

The reward for successfully pulling off this heist is a brand new car along with a special badge of honor and 75% off from the Casino Heist Setup Fees for every participating player. This is added incentive since it eases the burden on players by minimizing risk and greatly increasing the reward.

You can check out further details about this plan from the gaming company below.

Even if you don’t feel like participating, you should probably hop online and play for fun anyway. This is because anyone logging into the game this week will be given $1 million GTA dollars. You can earn all this simply by tuning in online, which is one amazing bargain. You will be able to claim this amount between November 19 and 25.

Rockstar has also stated that Grand Theft Auto V will arrive to Sony’s new PlayStation 5 by next year. The game will reportedly also take advantage of the system’s new technological advancements for an “enhanced and expanded” experience. The world of GTA V is huge, immersive and beautiful already, so we will be seeing it like never before.

Image Credits: Rockstar

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