Granny 3 guide: How to train escape, best items, more

Granny 3 official art work

Granny 3 is one of the most challenging survival horror games that has terrified millions of players so far. If you’re yet to escape Granny’s house, here’s a Granny 3 guide including the most useful items and tips to beat Grandpa, Granny, and Slendrina.

Granny 3 was released for Android devices in 2021 and even today, it is a must-try experience for fans of the survival horror genre. From urgency to a constantly frightening atmosphere, it has every element that you’d expect from a horror game.

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Escaping Granny’s house within five days might feel overwhelming at first because there are many things that you must take care of. However, in hindsight, you’ll realize that it is all about staying hidden and collecting a bunch of important items.

In this Granny 3 guide, we’ll reveal the most useful items to collect and tips to help you escape the house in no time.

Kitchen in Granny 3There are multiple floors and rooms that you need to explore in Granny 3.

How to beat Grandpa, Granny, and Slendrina in Granny 3


Grandpa in Granny 3 has a shotgun which is a lethal weapon that you would want in your run. Luckily, Grandpa doesn’t hear too well and the best time to get his shotgun is when he’s sleeping.

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Whenever you acquire the shotgun, make sure to collect ammo from around the house. Shooting Grandpa and Granny with it will knock them out for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Another tactic is to hide the shotgun in the Food Elevator or the Roof as Grandpa won’t be able to get it back from such difficult-to-reach places. This will definitely make the character less threatening.


Granny is the toughest foe in Granny 3 because of her hearing. From walking on noisy floors to dropping items, everything you do can alert Granny, and here are some tips to stay away from her:

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  • Close the doors.
  • Drop items only in places that you feel are safe.
  • Hide under beds or use other furniture items to deceive Granny.
  • Intentionally drop items in noisy areas of the house to distract Granny and escape before she arrives.
  • Do not jump from high places and be super aware of surrounding bear traps that can make you vulnerable.


Slendrina’s weakness in Granny 3 is her Teddy that you can find in drawers and cupboards inside the house. Once you get it, quickly go to the dumbwaiter in the kitchen and it should take you to the topmost room.

Once there, put the teddy inside a crib following which Slendrina will appear and vanish from the game. She will also leave behind a key that will eventually help in the escape. A great tip is to knock out both Grandpa and Granny before collecting the Teddy.

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Another thing to note is that Slendrina can kill you instantly if you look at her for too long. Hence, upon every encounter with the granddaughter, just move your camera away from her.

The area outside Granny's house in Granny 3The Front Gate ending requires you to unlock the bridge first.

Most useful items for escaping the house in Granny 3

These items in Granny 3 will make it easier for you to escape the house:

  • Shotgun and Tranquilizer – Both items can knock down Granny and Grandpa for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Padlock key – Helps in opening the chamber in the basement and usually, Slendrina drops it after vanishing.
  • Lock pick – Helps in unlocking all locked doors.
  • Safe Key – Open the safe present in the washroom on the first floor.
  • Bridge Crank – Helps in opening the Bridge for escaping at the end.
  • Firewood and Matchbox – You can scare the crow with these items and get the shed key. Put the firewood in the chimney on the first floor and use the matchbox to light it up.
  • Plank – Use it on the wooden floor to get the Generator Cable that eventually helps in using the Generator and dumbwaiter.
  • Coconut – It is above the furniture on the top floor and you can use the Coconut cutter located near the shed to obtain the key inside.
  • Weapon Key – Obtain this by breaking the coconut and use it on the wall safe on the first floor to get the slingshot.
  • Accelerator – Required to move the train ahead.
  • Train key – Useful in starting the train for the train escape.
  • Electric Switch and Electric Box – Help in powering up the train.

How many escapes are there in Granny 3?

As of March 2023, there are two primary ways to escape the house in Granny 3. These include:

Gate Escape

The original escape in Granny 3 revolves around players opening the main gate. For this, you need to get the weapon key and then use the slingshot to collect the two vases in the house. Fill the vases with water and place them on the mechanism in the basement’s chamber to open a fuse.

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Players also have to collect the bridge crank that lets them finally escape the house.

Train Escape

Train in Granny 3The train was added to Granny 3 with an update.

The Train Escape was added to Granny 3 with an update in September 2021. It has many similarities to the original ending as you’ll still require to get the weapon key but its location is near the train.

The coconut can drop a coin in this ending and you can use the coin to get the ticket for the train. The slingshot you get after using the weapon key helps in defeating the robot and setting off its alarm.

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In the end, you power up the train with all the items you’ve collected and escape the house.

Well, we hope this guide helps you escape the house in Granny 3 without any difficulties. For similar content, make sure to check out our beginner guides for major mobile games such as Pikmin Bloom, DogLife, Kingdom Maker, State of Survival, and Clash Royale.

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