Disney Twisted Wonderland beginners guide: Lessons, combat & more

Disney Twisted Wonderland official art work

Disney Twisted Wonderland is a unique gacha game featuring villains from Disney movies and shows. In this Disney Twisted Wonderland guide, we’ll explain all major mechanics such as lessons, spells, cards, currencies, and more.

Gacha games like Blue Archive, Gacha Life, Genshin Impact, RAID Shadow Legends, AFK Arena, Dragon Ball Legends, Honkai Impact 3rd, and Disney Twisted Wonderland have at least one thing in common.

They all have a diverse cast of characters that players love, but unlocking these characters is a task that’s locked behind a luck-based system.

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Disney Twisted Wonderland is no exception as its players are expected to grind hard to unlock new characters. If you’re a beginner, this guide will certainly make your progress efficient and help you unlock and upgrade the best characters with minimal effort.

Disney Twisted Wonderland charactersEvery character in Disney Twisted Wonderland has two elemental attacks.

Best characters to start playing Disney Twisted Wonderland

Disney Twisted Wonderland lets you pick a card to start your journey, and we recommend picking these cards for the best results:

  • Riddle Dorm uniform – Highest ATK.
  • Leona Dorm Uniform – Highest HP.
  • Trey Dorm Uniform – High DEF and great healing.
  • Cater Ceremonial – His power boost is desirable during the early game.
  • Rook Labwear – Decent HP and attack which helps beginners.
  • Malleus Ceremonial Robes – Gives power boost.

You can consider rerolling if your goal is to get an SSR card in the beginning. Having said that, getting a relatively bad card in the start won’t impact your progress as you’ll get ample opportunities to compile a strong roster.

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The three different types of cards that you could include in your Disney Twisted Wonderland team are:

  • R rank cards have a max level of 40 that can be extended to 60.
  • SR rank cards have a max level of 60 that can be extended to 80.
  • SSR rank cards have a max level of 80 that can be extended to 100.
Riddle is one of the strongest starter characters in Disney Twisted Wonderland.

What are lessons in Disney Twisted Wonderland?

Lessons in Disney Twisted Wonderland help increase your character’s level and each lesson consumes one Lesson Point. You get a fixed amount of Lesson Points in the game and they recover with time or resources like Starshards and Gems.

There are three types of lessons in Disney Twisted Wonderland and each has its own advantages:

  • History Lessons grant EXP that contributes to card level. Additional rewards include Blooming Honey.
  • Flight Lessons grant EXP that contributes to the card’s vignette level. Additional rewards include Snacks.
  • Alchemy Lessons help in increasing the Buddy Level of cards. Additional rewards include Alchemy Tokens and spell upgrades.

The card level signifies the card’s power in combat and you can increase it by using Blooming Honey. On the flip side, the Vignette level lets you access the card’s vignette story, and Snacks help in increasing it.

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Other items like Candies and Awakening Points let you unlock new illustrations of cards or increase the level cap, respectively.

Battle system in Disney Twisted Wonderland explained

You’ll have to battle in Disney Twisted Wonderland during the main story, exams, and events. One can either auto-form teams or study the element system mentioned below:

  • Flora is strong against Water but weak against Fire.
  • Fire is strong against Flora but weak against Water.
  • Water is strong against Fire but weak against Flora.
  • Cosmic is natural implying that it’s neither strong nor weak against any element.

The battles are essentially turn-based where you pick two elements and your opponent does the same. You must guess the elements that the opponent will choose and get an elemental advantage to emerge victorious.

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Every character in Disney Twisted Wonderland can perform two elemental attacks which naturally impacts their position and role in a team. Interestingly, SSR characters can perform duo magic which is one of the reasons why players desperately want to unlock them.

Different dorm heads in Disney Twisted WonderlandAll characters in the game are based on Disney characters.

General tips and tricks for Disney Twisted Wonderland players

These are some things that every Disney Twisted Wonderland player should keep in mind while playing:

  • While SSR Ranks characters are the best, SR Rank characters won’t hinder your progress until late game. Do not be discouraged even if your luck isn’t at its best all the time.
  • If you’re into stories, make sure to unlock Vignette stories and complete these storylines to know more about your favorite characters.
  • Gems in Disney Twisted Wonderland are scarce and are used to unlock new characters. Spend them wisely!
  • Do not neglect Alchemy Lessons as increasing the buddy level has several benefits. Your characters give each other valuable boosts during battles based on their buddy level and this attribute even helps in facilitating duo magic.

We hope this guide helps you settle into the bizarre world of Disney Twisted Wonderland. The game obviously gets complex as you progress but understanding the mechanics mentioned above will always be useful.

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Image Credits: Aniplex