Cyberpunk 2077 character building explained: Attributes and Perks

Nicholas Sakadelis

Building a character might be the most important part of any RPG, and Cyberpunk 2077 is no different.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a large open-world game filled with variety and choices. At the beginning of any large game with character customization, the number one question asked is, “What’s the best way to start?”.

Fear not, we will break it all down for you so when you hop on the game at release, you know exactly how to make your choices.

Character Attributes

Attributes in Cyberpunk are a cornerstone of your character. At first, you’ll be presented with five attributes you can rank up. All of them must have three points, minimum, with a max of six points. You’ll begin with seven points to upgrade them all past three. Here are all the attributes.

  • Body: Determines raw physical power. Added ability to forcing open certain doors. Adds health, stamina, and melee damage.
  • Intelligence: Increases your proficiency with hacking and your hacking defense.
  • Reflexes: Increases skills for blades, assault weapons, and handguns.
  • Technical Ability: Each level increases armor by 5% and allows you to unlock doors and use/craft certain tech weapons.
  • Cool: Determines your resilience, composure, and effectiveness in stealth. Each level will affect stealth damage, speed of enemy detection, increase all damage resistance, and increase all critical damage.

Leveling System & Perks

Every time you level up your character, you’ll be granted an attribute point to use on any attribute. Attributes max out at level 20, so you’ll want to consider this while building your character out.

As you use weapons and abilities, you’ll upgrade your skill level for each ability like pistols and melee. While progressing, you’ll unlock perk points to use towards various other perks, which will give huge bonuses.

Some perks will be locked until you hit a certain skill level for a specific category.

So where do I begin?

Wherever you’d like! Craft your attributes around your playstyle to cater to your overall enjoyment of the game. Keep in mind what each attribute benefits for the future. You can always upgrade your attributes as you play (and even save some points if you’d like).

When you’re in a situation where you might need to use the points, you can activate them for upgrades at any time.

If you also would like custom build guides, here’s a handy YouTube video to help you out.

Good luck in Night City!