Baldur’s Gate 3 players share most obvious plot holes in the game

Astarion in BG3Larian Studios

Baldur’s Gate 3 players are eagerly sharing their own Sword Coast adventures with other RPG enthusiasts. And this is what the community says about some plot holes that make no sense in the game.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is an epic tale of survival, companionship, and mostly, dungeon delving. But when Tav and company are not fighting the forces or evil, they are mostly looting, scavenging around, or roaming aimlessly. So, what are the most notorious plot holes in the game?

But even the most notorious game of 2023 has some flaws, mostly related to certain lore aspects, or story aspects, and even failed nature checks from the devs. Or so it seems to be for many players who have taken it to social networks to debate about their less favorite moments in the story behind one of the greatest RPGs of all time.

Reddit user ‘Nemarus’ posted this and said: “What plot beat of subplot doesn’t quite work for you?” A discussion has sparked in Baldur’s Gate 3 Reddit community, and most of the players started to share their top “plot nonsense” moments in the game. Beware, there’s a lot of spoilers ahead.

The player also provided some of the most dire inconsistencies in the plot, namely: The connection between Karlach and the Foundry, which is not accurately explained at all, and the confusion about the Githyanki’s general Voss age, among other loose ends.

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Some of the players eagerly started to explain these plot holes, starting with the most notorious one: Voss’s age. During the main story arch, Voss is a recurrent character on Lae’zel’s quest-line, and important to her development.

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But also, for the rest of the team, since he holds the key for the party’s survival. Durgin the later part of Baldur’s Gate 3, players discover that Voss is the one who defeated Orpheus, which would make him 10 thousand years old, at the very least.

One of the most veteran D&D players present in the discussion explained this: “Gith are effectively immortal, like way more than elves, even though their lifespan is like 200(??) years. When you are on the astral plane time passes as normal, but it doesn’t affect you, so you don’t age, don’t need to eat, don’t need to sleep, etc.” – and then, he also explained how this would work for Voss:

“However, when you return to any other plane all that lost time catches up to you immediately. The gith developed a spell to counter this effect, it basically suspends the ‘catch up’ effect for 24 hours, so a gith war general that is 1000 years old can cast it and spend a day on the material just fine, but they have to nope the heck out asap or they turn to dust.”

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lae'zel baldur's gate 3Larian Studios
Githyanki have mastered a spell to remain untouched by chrono-displacement.

Then, another player also pointed out the fault in the relationship between Karlach and the Foundry: “Karlach and the Foundry. Her heart was literally the prototype that they based the Steel Defender’s hearts on. If they could make them work, they could have fixed her heart. We had plenty of refined infernal metals lying around. Not fixing it when we clearly had the right people and materials to do so was dumb.”

While this inconsistency remains to be solved, another player offered a possible reason for Karlach’s unavoidable and painful ending: “Feels like they dropped Karlach’s conclusion at the last minute because they wanted a character you could use for Orpheus’ plan fairly conscience-free if you refuse to do it yourself.”

The rest of the plot holes exposed by many of the players, though they remain mostly unexplained, might be only a lore book away from being solved, which will end up proving to be just part of the incredibly expansive and rich narrative design that’s behind Baldur’s Gate 3.

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