Are XDefiant servers down? Current server status

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XDefiant is the latest FPS making a name for itself, but it’s not immune from occasional server problems. Here’s the current XDefiant server status and how you can check for issues.

XDefiant is Ubisoft’s upcoming shooter trying to dethrone Call of Duty as the king of the FPS genre. Players have been hopping into the closed beta for the first time, and getting to grips with the iconic factions and their unique abilities.

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While the new title has proved popular so far thanks to its gameplay, as an online multiplayer game XDefiant has been hit by some early connection issues that have disrupted the experience for many players.

Here’s the current XDefiant server status, as well as how you can check for any connectivity problems.

Are the XDefiant servers down?

The developers have confirmed that the XDefiant servers are down on Xbox Series X/S consoles, meaning players cannot currently log in. Anyone who tries to load up XDefiant on Xbox will be met with the “VICTOR” error message.

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This comes after scheduled maintenance that aimed to solve connection issues and progression bugs. PS5 and PC servers have gone back online, however, Xbox is still down at the time of writing.

There is currently no word on how long the Xbox servers will be out of action, but the devs are actively working on getting them back online.

How to check XDefiant server status

If you’re running into connection problems, the devs use the official XDefiant Twitter account to post live updates detailing when the servers are down, what the cause is, and how long the game will be offline.

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Alternatively, you can check the XDefiant server status by heading over to the Ubisoft Support website. This is where you can find a quick overview of how the servers are holding up at any given time.

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