All Roblox Legends of Speed codes in June 2023: Free Steps, Gems, more

Redeemable codes for Roblox's Legends of SpeedScrpitbloxian Studios

Legends of Speed on Roblox expects you to become the fastest Robloxian of all time and it’s one of the toughest challenges you can take on. To help you in this journey, we’ve compiled a list of Legends of Speed codes handing out free Gems and Steps in June 2023.

Roblox is filled with racing games such as Car Dealership Tycoon and Vehicle Legends, but Legends of Speed is arguably the most popular of them all. It has amassed over 1.4 billion visits on the platform and even after three years of release, it boasts a massive player base.

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Legends of Speed provides players with enough opportunities to collect resources, unlock trails, and collect pets. However, if the grind ever becomes too tiring for you, use Roblox codes to get a ton of free rewards in seconds.

Here’s a list of the redeemable codes for Roblox’s Legends of Speed that are offering freebies in June 2023.

Working Legends of Speed codes in June 2023

The following Legends of Speed codes are working as of June 2023:

  • speedchampion000 – 5,000 gems
  • legends500 – 500 gems
  • sparkles300 – 300 gems
  • launch200 – 200 gems
  • racer300 – 300 steps
  • SPRINT250 – 250 steps
  • hyper250 – 250 steps
Legends of Speed official art workScrpitbloxian Studios
Every second counts in a fast-paced action title like Legends of Speed.

Expired Legends of Speed codes in June 2023

As of June 2023, there aren’t any expired Legends of Speed codes. Having said that, Roblox codes are usually time-sensitive and we recommend redeeming the aforementioned working codes as quickly as possible.

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How to redeem Legends of Speed codes on Roblox

Follow these steps to redeem Legends of Speed codes and get free rewards:

  1. Launch Legends of Speed through the official Roblox website.
  2. Click on the blue Codes icon on the right side of the screen. A redemption box will appear.
  3. Copy-paste or carefully type the code you want to redeem.
  4. If the code is correct and valid, the corresponding rewards should be added to your inventory. 

Do note that codes are case-sensitive. To avoid capitalization errors and typos, copy and paste the codes directly from the list above.

Legends of Speed is just one of the several amazing experiences on Roblox. From anime-based titles like True Piece to unique simulation experiences like Adopt Me, there’s certainly a lot to choose from.

For more freebies, check out our Roblox code lists for Mega Noob Simulator, The Presentation Experience, and Tower Defenders.

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