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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Game-breaking Warzone ping glitch is causing “unplayable” frame drops

A game-breaking Warzone Season 4 Reloaded ping glitch is causing frustration as players report “unplayable” frame drops and high ping.



Warzone player aiming down a Sniper Rifle scope

Warzone players are reporting a bug with the ping system in Season 4 Reloaded that is causing huge frame drops, frustrating the community.

Being successful in Warzone doesn’t just depend on using the best settings, weapons, and keeping up to date with the updates to know the best strategies.

Unless you’re playing Solos, teamwork is also a very important part of getting a win, but unfortunately, bugs and performance issues can get in the way.

In Warzone Season 4 Reloaded, as well as audio issues, players are now reporting problems with the ping system, which is causing major frame loss and spiking ping.

Reddit user The_Ur3an_Myth highlighted this ping glitch in the Warzone subreddit, claiming that “pinging anything will cause frameskips and ping spikes.”

Any sort of frame drop in a competitive game like Warzone is extremely frustrating, as it can put you at a massive disadvantage. In the clip, the player is taken out by an enemy while the game stutters and struggles to maintain a stable frame rate, causing frustration.

The player even states that this ping bug is making the game “unplayable as you’re always pinging enemies.”

The ping system is vital for those who either prefer not to use or don’t own a microphone or headset. It’s a great way for them to communicate with their teammates.

As one of the comments in the post reveals, this new glitch is ruining the Warzone experience: “Oh wow! I ping all the time since I don’t typically use a headset. This makes so much sense now, why my s*** is laggy as f***.”

Hopefully, Raven Software can address this issue as quickly as they fixed the Gas Mask bug. For more, check out what weapon is bringing the burst meta back to Warzone.

Image Credits: Raven Software