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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Frustrating Warzone bug is making friends list disappear

A Warzone bug following the Season 5 update is not allowing players to see their friends list and join the same party.



warzone pacific season 5 friends list bug

Following the Season 5 update, some Warzone players have been unable to party up with their squad due to their friends list disappearing.

The Warzone Pacific Season 5 update refreshed the battle royale with new weapons, Operators, and modes to enjoy on the revamped Caldera. Despite Warzone 2‘s upcoming rumored release date, Call of Duty fans are looking to enjoy Warzone until the very last minute of Season 5.

Unfortunately, a frustrating bug is getting in the way of the fun, as players are unable to view their friends list. This is detrimental for those who enjoy playing with friends as most are unable to join a shared party.

The issue came about after the Season 5 update, and it’s looking like a widespread problem that is impacting a ton of players. As of August 26, a post found on the Warzone subreddit detailing the bug has nearly 400 upvotes.

It’s clear to see that many players are unable to see their friends list regardless of platform: “PC here, zero Friends online, even my own self appears offline.”

While some are unable to see their entire friends list, others can only see friends playing on the same platform: “Same here. I’ve rebooted several times. I can only see in the same platform. No cross platform. Haven’t seen anyone else post about it.”

Raven have yet to address the problem and the bug has not appeared on their Trello board of known issues. If you’re not content with waiting for the devs to fix the bug, here’s how to fix it yourself.

Warzone Season 5 player with akimbo pistols

How to fix Warzone friends list bug

For starters, you can check out our detailed guide on how to fix the Warzone “friends list not showing” glitch. Unfortunately, not all of the methods we’ve listed will work this time around, so we’re here to tell you which one will get the job done.

It seems for this iteration of the bug in Warzone Pacific Season 5, you’re going to want to use the method of creating a party with specific search settings.

In Warzone, you can search for a party with specific settings. To do this, go to the main lobby page and look underneath the team fill option where you’ll see the option to find a party. Once there, select party settings and set the same preferences as your teammates.

If you and your squad use the same specific party search settings and hit search at the same time, you’ll likely fall into the same party.

Several players have reported that this method works this time around: “Same here. Found a workaround. Use the party search settings and set it to very specific settings. Like I did quads fortune keep, with voice, slow and steady, called my friend and pressed search at the same time and found each other first try!”

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Image Credit: Activision