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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Frustrating “pay to lose” Warzone Blueprint makes Bullfrog impossible to aim

The Violettor Blueprint for the Bullfrog SMG in Warzone has misaligned iron sights, making it impossible to aim.



Warzone broken bullfrog blueprint

A Bullfrog ‘Violettor’ Blueprint bug has misaligned the iron sights in Call of Duty: Warzone, leading players to call it “pay to lose.”

The Bullfrog’s popularity has grown massively since the MAC-10 was nerfed, as it has insanely high headshot damage and a large magazine. However, one particular Bullfrog skin that players have branded “pay to lose” makes hitting these headshots almost impossible.

Blueprints are there to offer players cool variations of their favorite weapons, but some haven’t been working as intended. The Gallantry MAC-10 was overpowered compared to its normal counterpart, and tracers haven’t been showing up in Warzone.

Now, the Bullfrog’s Violettor Blueprint, which comes with the Ultraviolent bundle for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, has broken iron sights.

Warzone ultraviolent bundle

The Violettor Bullfrog comes with the SnapPoint optic attached, but many SMG users opt for iron sights for improved mobility in close-range combat. However, the Violettor Blueprint’s iron sights are severely misaligned, making it impossible to aim.

As spotted by Reddit user ‘Mrheadshot0,’ the blades in the Violettor’s iron sights are too much to the left. Most of the blades are obscured, so if you’re trying to hit headshots at anything more than point-blank, you’ll severely struggle.

This Blueprint costs 800 CoD points, so players Mrheadshot0 and other players claim they have tried to receive a refund, but have had no luck.

If players remember back to Modern Warfare 2, the Deagle’s iron sights had a similar issue, but the fact players have paid for this skin makes it much more frustrating.

We’d recommend holding off from buying this bundle until it has been patched, and we’ll let you know as soon as it is. If you’ve already bought the Blueprint, then we’d recommend sticking with the SnapPoint optic that comes attached.

Image Credit: Activision