Tomato Basket & Shrine Locations – Fortnite Season 5

Nicholas Sakadelis

How to complete the Season 5 Week 4 challenge, and where to find the Tomato Baskets and Shrines.

For the fourth week of challenges in Fortnite Chapter Two, Season 5, we’ll be looking for Tomato Baskets and dancing at Shrines. By far, this is one of the more hilarious challenges added to the game.

This is an epic quest, so doing these will net you some solid XP and battle pass progression.

Tomato Basket Locations

You can find one of the Tomato baskets in the farms next to Tomato Town, and another in The Orchard on the upper level of the barn. The last one should be to the south of this location. You can spot the locations in the video tutorial below by YouTuber J8hnb.

Tomato Shrine Locations

The first Tomato Shrine can be found in Tomato Town itself, on the second floor of the pizza shop. Simply ignite the Shrine, and begin to dance next to it as it burns to progress in your challenge. It may take a few seconds to register properly.

The second and last Tomato Shrine will be located next to Flush Factory. You’ll want to look for a pizza truck on top of a mountain. The Shrine will be located next to it.

To see the locations in video form, go to the 5:38 timestamp of the video below by YouTuber Perfect Score. You can also complete all the other challenges by following his video, which is a complete guide on all the Week 4 challenges.

That should be it for this week’s challenges. Be sure to finish all challenges for maximum XP and Battle Pass progression.