New Fortnite leak shows upcoming Exotic SMG and AR

Hamza Khalid

There are loads of amazing new weapons in Fortnite Season 5, and now a leaker has revealed some new brand new Exotic weapons that might be added to the game soon; the Run Gun SMG and the Freeze AR, along with another Exotic.

You have a great variety of weapons to try out in Fortnite, and Season 5 introduced the brand-new Exotic variants. These weapons are extremely rare, so this makes them very costly. It’s worth it to own them since they’re more powerful than regular guns.

A few exotic weapons were leaked recently, such as SMGs and ARs, but we weren’t given much information about them. Now a new leak has finally given us a closer look at what they’re capable of, and also revealed a brand new gun.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 gameplay

New weapons might be coming to Fortnite

This information came from the reliable Fortnite leaker known as ‘HYPEX‘ in a Twitter post on December 29. The leaker stated that two new Exotic weapons could be coming to the Battle Royale soon.

The first weapon mentioned is the Run Gun SMG. This is one of the guns that was leaked a few weeks back, and now we know that it boosts your walking and running speed. The leaker mentions that they have footage of the ability, and then posted two clips showcasing it.

The Run Gun seems to be modeled after the Rapid Fire SMG, which was first introduced during Season 2, but has since been vaulted. At the moment, this leaked weapon remains unfinished.

The next leaked weapon is the Freeze AR which has the ability to “gives chiller trap effect to other players.” The Chiller is a trap that puts players at a disadvantage by adding ice blocks to their feet, causing them to slip and slide around uncontrollably.

HYPEX ended the leak by talking about a weapon called the Slurp Bazooka. We don’t know anything about this gun other than the fact that it has been scrapped. However, we can piece together its potential ability by looking at the name.

This weapon probably worked a lot like the Bandage Bazooka. While that weapon fires bandages, you could use the Slurp Bazooka to shoot Slurp Juices at your teammates and heal them. At the moment, we only have footage of the Run Gun SMG.

We’re not sure at this point why these weapons are not already in the game. Some of them might be planned for a future update, while others might be scrapped ideas that would never make it into the final product.

Exotic Weapons are already something players fiercely compete against each other to own, and these leaked ones sound like they’d be fun to use. Hopefully we’ll see them added soon, and if we do then we’ll be sure to update you.

Image Credits: Epic Games

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