How to get the Stuck Emote in Fortnite

Fortnite players dancing to Cardi B Stuck Emote

In a crossover with popular rapper Cardi B, Fortnite has included the Stuck Emote to the tune of ‘Up.’ Here’s how to get your hands on the most recent Icon Series item.

Fortnite has now included a ton of crossovers with music artists such as J Blavin, Ariana Grande, and Travis Scott. As part of the latest Icon Series addition, players can listen to Cardi B through the new Stuck Emote.

‘Stuck’ features the viral TikTok dance set to music from Cardi B’s hit song ‘Up,’ which all nearby players can hear.

Here’s how to get the emote, and whether the song is safe for a young audience.

How to get Stuck Emote in Fortnite

Fortnite Stuck Emote in the Item Shop

The Stuck Emote arrived in Fortnite’s Item Shop on September 6, 2021, and can be accessed quite easily.

Here’s how to get the Stuck emote in Fortnite:

  1. Boot up Fortnite
  2. Head to the game’s Store
  3. Look for the “Stuck” Icon Series emote
  4. Click “Purchase” to spend 500 V-Bucks and procure it
  5. Equip it and and emote away!

Is the Fortnite Stuck Emote song R-Rated?

Fortnite is a game tailored mostly towards a younger audience so many wondered how this R-Rated Cardi B song would make it into the game. However, it’s actually the clean version, where all of the adult words have been swapped out.

So, while the pronunciation may think you’ve heard some rather adult words, everything in the song is family-friendly.

Here are the Radio Edit’s lyrics, which are featured in the Stuck Emote:

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Big bag bussin’ out the Bentley Bentayga
Man, Balenciaga Bardi back, know how I give it up
It’s big bags bussin’ out the Bentley Bentayga, man
Birkin bag, Bardi back, know how I give it up

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Image Credit: Epic Games