How to forage Bouncy Eggs for Fortnite Week 6 challenge

Hamza Khalid
Bouncy Eggs in Fortnite

One of the Fortnite Season 6’s Week 3 challenges requires you to forage some Bouncy Eggs hidden across the Island, so here’s how you can complete this task quickly.

Now that week 3 of Fortnite Season 6 is here, you have a whole new set of challenges to tackle for some sweet XP that will help you progress through the Battle Pass. Additionally, you can also complete new Legendary challenges in Spring Breakout.

This Easter-themed event has brought some new cosmetic items to the game, and the first few Legendary quests require you to forage Bouncy Eggs hidden around the map. Here’s how you can get this done.

Fortnite week 3 challenges

It’s important to note that Bouncy Eggs aren’t kept in specific spots on Fortnite Island, and you can find them as loot inside chests or on the floor. So you won’t have to worry about finding the right POI in your search for them.

The quest consists of five parts, and you’ll need to find 10 Bouncy Eggs to complete the first step of the challenge. Once you come across one of these collectibles, simply pick it up and consume it.

While you can also find these in regular matches, we recommend that you search for them in the Team Rumble game mode. This is because most players are often too busy in battle to focus on looting, so you can collect more Bouncy Eggs.

Collecting four additional Bouncy Eggs will reward you with 24,500 XP and you’ll also unlock the Tactical Quaxes Pickaxe.

Tactical Quaxes Pickaxe in Fortnite

Consuming these will regenerate your shields, and reduce gravity so that you can jump slightly higher. You won’t have to worry about getting hurt when doing this, as the Bouncy Egg will deflect fall damage while you’re under its effect.

This makes them particularly useful later in a match, as you’ll have limited space to move around in by then. You can use the reduced gravity effect to avoid taking damage by jumping around or to escape by leaping off tall buildings.

That covers everything you need to do for this week’s Legendary Quest. We’ll keep you updated on more weekly challenges as Fortnite Season 6 progresses.

Image Credit: Epic Games

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