Fortnite Season 6 Wild Weeks continue with Fish Fiesta

Liam Mackay
Fortnite Fish Stick

Fortnite Season 6’s Wild Weeks continue, this time making fishing much easier and more lucrative, so here’s everything you need to know about Fish Fiesta.

Introduced in Week 8 of Season 6, Wild Weeks emphasize a different aspect of Fortnite to make every week fresh and unique. The first Wild Week gave an emphasis on fire, adding the Flare Gun to the game for one week only, and increasing the volume of Fireflies, Flame Bows, Gas Canisters, and Gas Tanks.

Now we’re in Week 9, the next Wild Week has begun. This time it’s titled Fish Fiesta and puts an emphasis on the fishing mechanic introduced in Chapter 2.

For Wild Week 2, Epic Games announced that they’re making fishing a much more lucrative endeavor. Fishing spots will now yield more rare fish and last longer, and you’ll only find Rare loot weapons or better beneath the depths.

To help you catch all these rare fish and weapons, Epic has also made Pro Fishing Rods more plentiful.

Similar to how Season 6 Week 8 challenged players to destroy structures with fire during the first Wild Week, the Legendary Quest for Week 9 asks players to catch 250 fish. This would normally be a monumental challenge, but with the Fish Fiesta Wild Week, this challenge becomes much easier.

Fortnite Fishing

Fishing will now be the most common and effective looting method, so expect areas with water such as Misty Meadows, Lazy Lake, and Sweaty Sands to be the hotspots during Fish Fiesta.

Wild Weeks are set to continue for the remainder of Season 6, with Fish Fiesta set to end on May 20, and another week to begin on the same day.

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