Fortnite 16.50 Update patch notes: Dual Pistols & Drum Shotgun unvaulted, Wild Week 4

Fortnite character using Dual Pistols

The final update of the season is here, with Fortnite’s v16.50 patch going live on May 25 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Fortnite Season 7 is just around the corner, and May 25’s patch is set to be the last of the current season. It’s no surprise that this patch isn’t shaking up the meta too much, but there are still some major updates that will help keep the game feeling fresh for the final run of this season.

The headline addition in the 16.50 patch is the return of the fan-favorite Dual Pistols and Drum Shotgun from the Vault, along with details on the next Wild Week, which kicks off on June 3.

Fortnite 16.50 patch notes

Dual Pistols return

Dual Pistols in Fortnite

Players will be able to unload twice the ammo with this update, as the akimbo Dual Pistols return to the loot pool for the first time since Season 9.

Players have been able to use Deadpool’s Mythic Dual Hand Cannons and the Exotic Hop Rock Dualies, but Dual Pistols haven’t been available from floor loot or chests since 2019. The weapons deal 39 damage with a three-second reload time.

With a unique headshot multiplier of 1.65x, these guns can definitely pack a punch if you learn to control them, and can be extremely useful in close-quarters combat.

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Drum Shotgun unvaulted

Drum Shotgun in Fortnite

On top of the Dual Pistols, the Drum Shotgun is also back, adding another close-range option to the loot pool.

The shotgun deals a minimum of 45 damage depending on the rarity of the weapon you have, with a 4.7 second reload time.

Fortnite Wild Week 4

Fortnite fans have another Wild Week to look forward to, with Epic confirming that a new version of the event will go live on June 3.

What the new one entails hasn’t been confirmed just yet, but it will almost certainly follow a theme. Week 2 revolved around fishing, while Week 3 was about bouncing.

Marvel’s Loki teased for Fortnite

Eagle-eyed Fortnite leaker gameshed_ spotted a very interesting figure in one of the new loading screens added to the game, with the shadow of Marvel’s Loki visible in the graphics.

The character’s helmet and sceptre are easily recognizable, and the timing makes a lot of sense considering he has his own Disney+ show launching in June.

Fortnite 16.50 bug fixes

As always, Epic Games have been working on fixing bugs and glitches that have been plaguing the game. While the devs don’t release full patch notes anymore, we can see what has been changed thanks to their official Trello board.

  • Moving left in the inventory on controller skips the last weapon slot.
  • Unable to equip cape Back Blings on Rebirth Raven’s Rachel Roth Style.
  • Just-added friends wrongly appearing offline.
  • Player-built structures have reduced visuals in PC Performance Mode.

Image Credits: Epic Games

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